Monday, August 2, 2010

Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event part 1

This is post 1 of probably a hundred.  I have so many thing to say and show you about our event there is no way I could fit it all into one post! So to start off. I will give you a mini glimpse of the shebang!

Saturday July 17th we started bright and early. 7:00 AM! Running table and chairs over to the park.  Let me tell you my sister Jill and BIL Ben were awesome. We got all out tables and chairs set up -- in the sprinklers!
We were soaked! But we had fun slipping and sliding around on the flooded baseball field.
After we set up all the tables and chairs we headed back to our house to load up on everything! I wish I would have taken a picture. My house was seriously over run with stuff.
It took 4 FULL truck loads to take everything I had over. That doesn't include the hundreds of cans of soda, any food items or our hundreds of awnings.
We had over 180 items in our silent auction! We had 7 full tables of items in the Kenzie Boutique.
It was crazy.
We were so blessed by how much support and love we received. I'm still overwhelmed and blow away.

Along with tons of friends and family we worked hard setting everything up.
Covered every table.
Hung every banner.
Decorated every pillar in each pavilion.
Hung every poster.
Set up every stand.
Set up every awning.
Filled every cooler (we had over 10 for drinks alone)

Around noon Ryan and I ran home to shower and head over to the Ride.

We didn't know what to expect. 2, 3 or 10 people would show up? We had no clue. As we pulled around the corner I saw a parking lot full of bikes!
We were so excited. I couldn't believe it.
We got out to see our amazing friends and family that came out to support us. That came to remember our Makenzie. That came to help make a difference in the SMA world.
I love bikes and it was awesome to see that many in once place for this reason.
I was so surprised to learn they contacted the local fire station to help lead them out.
Lights and all!

It was breathtaking. Incredible and the first of many tears shed that day.

After we saw off our riders. We hurried back to the park.
We had purple shirts made for all Makenzie's immediate family and white shirts made for all our amazing volunteers.  Makenzie's girl cousins also got adorable little tutus to fit the fairy theme.

Once we got to the park we saw a serious party going on :) Well the start of one. Everyone did such an amazing job of putting my vision to life.  They had everything set up and ready to go. They worked all day to make it perfect.

There were 2 bounce houses!
The amazing Amina Belly dancers.
Amazing Face painters and clowns!
Just to name a few...

There were a few things I was kinda controlling about. Okay I was controlling about everything but there were a few things I was like- if you mess with this, I will hurt you. I have a pinata stick that is really big and hard and ill whack you with it.
This event brought out a whole new side of me :)
One of those things that I was a little controlling about was the
Makenzie and SMA table.
It had to be perfect. I made poster boards with makenzies story, information about her, pictures and information about SMARD. I made another board for SMA. I had tons of facts and information on it.
The table was filled with her pictures, decorations for my lil fairy's 1st bday party and lots more. It took me a long time to get this table the way I wanted it. Lots of crafts. Lots of planning. And it turned out great.
A few teaser shots...

At 7pm
We raffled off a black wii and a ipod.
Closed our silent auction - Again we had over 180 items and everything got sold!

Throughout the day everyone wrote notes to Makenzie on the balloons that were throughout the park. 
We had 2 HUGE helium tanks and filled at least 500 balloons.
Writing my note to Makenzie was probably the hardest part of the day. I was so overwhelmed by love and support and it was the first time I slowed down enough to remember why we were doing this.  That note was probably the most emotional note I have ever written. a note that was written by my heart. I cant even remember what I wrote I just know it was everything I wanted to say to her.
At 7pm we also let our balloon gifts go.
They were amazing. 
We played a song that I found a few weeks before.
Its called
Angel (for Zane) by Kenny Kearns
Its the most beautiful song ever. It describes my Makenzie perfectly. I'm sure it describes every child that has lost their life perfectly.  If you want to hear it or purchase it, go to itunes. All proceeds goes to SMA research.  Kenny Kearns is baby Zanes uncle. Zane passed away from SMA.

All those balloons were sent. With so so much love.  Not only for Makenzie but for all those other babies. My Makenzie missed her first birthday- unfortunately many with SMA do to.
That's why I did it.
That's why we all did it.
To make a difference and help change this disease.

This is just a SMALL part of the amazing day. I will be updating with lots more posts soon. Keep in touch.
Let me know if you purchase this song. Tell me what you think.
I listen to it everyday. I sing it to Makenzie everyday.
I know you will love it.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the event went so well! I wish I could've been there with you and everyone to help support SMA and Makenzie. Your Makenzie is so beautiful and i'm sure she just loves what you and ryan are doing to help this disease become known and helping to fight it. lots of love to you and your family.


Emma said...

I am so overwhelmed with the love that went into this event just reading about it, I can't imagine what it would have been like to have been there!! I can't wait to read all 100 posts about the incredible day. Your table for Makenzie was perfect, I am glad it turned out just how you wanted. You did such an incredible job, for Makenzie and all the other SMA Angels out there-i know they were all watching and had tons of fun with the balloons you sent up to them!! Hugs, Em

Pink said...

Holy moly woman GREAT JOB!!! You are one lucky girl to have such awesome family and friends...It looks perfect, fun, incredable, and awesome all at the same time. What a wonderful thing you have done! :)

Victoria Strong said...

Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I was so nervous for you and hopeful that this very special day would exceed your expectations. This is all so wonderful and I know there is so much more. And Makenzie's table is beautiful!!! I can't wait to read more about it. Thank you for fighting for Makenzie and for all the children impacted by SMARD and SMA.

Alerie said...

This looks amazing!! I knew it would be though. I am sure Makenzie is so proud of you guys. I wish I could of been there to support you & Ryan, Makenzie, your family, SMA and SMARD, but just know that I was thinking of you!! I can't wait to see the rest of the post. Much love!!

Unknown said...

I knew I would wish that we had made the drive down there for it! How amazing! You did such a fantastic job and I know Makenzie is so proud of you! Reading your account of the day brought tears to my eyes. Veronica and I send you much love!

brigette said...

I was so proud to be there and be apart of it. I hope u don’t mind but i wrote about it on my blog what an amazing day it was. Im dying to hear the end result! The song is amazing makes me think of both our angels. Thanks for letting us be apart! It was great to finally meet you. Many hugs

Tara Bennett said...

It was amazing, Kendra. You and Ryan were amazing. I purchased the song and LOVE it. The lyrics are profound and it is beautiful. Thank you for letting me share such a special day for such a special girl -- it was an honor to be there!!! Love you.


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