Thursday, July 30, 2009


I cant stop taking pictures of my beautiful baby. She is so gorgeous. She has these amazing eyes and such an awesome personality.

When she crys her arms and legs go crazy. She likes to have her arms free so no burrito baby. I have already had to trim her nails twice. She will only sleep on her side. I try to keep her on her back but she screams and wiggles to her side. She loves to be snuggled. Our favorite thing to do right now is lay in bed and just look at each other.

Makenzie and Harley

Yes Harley is still around :)
She has been a bit of a jealous dog but for the most part very good around the baby. She loves to lick Kenzie's feet! Kenzie doesn't like it so much though. Harley will sit right next to her anytime she crys and look at her like she is crazy. Its been pretty cute!

Daddy's Girl

Ryan has become a new man with this little one in the house. She has stolen his heart and has him wrapped around her little finger. Sleepless nights are okay as long as its because of Kenzie :)
She has been having a hard time knowing days from nights. She will SCREAM from about 9 pm. - 1 am. We have tried to comfort her, cuddle her, rock her, feed her, let her cry (which we have both learned we cant do. What is it about your own baby's cry that makes you cry yourself?)
Since Ryan has to get up early and go to work I have been trying to get up with Makenzie every time and try to help her stop crying so Ryan can get some sleep, well the other night she feel asleep for a second and in that second I passed out and didn't hear her start crying again. I woke up about an hour later and went in her room to find Ryan rocking her. I felt so bad but he loved every minute of that midnight Daddy Daughter time. I cant believe how much my love has grown for Ryan and how much more I love Makenzie every day. Being a parent has totally changed our world and we couldn't imagine a day without her.

My World, My Life.

24th of July

Our 24th of July didn't work out the way we planned. We started out the day swimming with my Mom, Jill and Alana and her family. After sitting out in the sun for a bit Makenzie had enough and I took her home. I think she had a little to much sun and heat because she was really warm and wouldn't wake up for her feeding. Ryan and I gave her a cool bath which really helped. We were going to go to our friend Derek's bday party but because of the days events and because I wasn't feeling so good that day we ended up stayed home to rest a bit and get some food in Makenzie, we had a little BBQ and watched Forever Strong.
(Sorry Derek and Allie- we still owe you)

First Bath

Our baby LOVES her bath. She is in heaven in the water. It definitly wakes her up though- she will just cuddle after her bath and watch you for a few hours. She is so sweet.

So many new people!

Makenzie has been meeting all her family and friends over the last 2 weeks. We are so lucky to have such amazing love and support all around us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ms. Makenzie Rye Webster
Our beautiful baby girl was born July 18th at 2:10 am.
Weight: 6 lbs
Length: 19 1/2 inches


Kenzie is the honestly the best thing to ever happen to Ryan and I. She is amazing. We cant stop staring and kissing her.

Her camo bink :)

Happy 1 day birthday!

She was doing this... I was awake!

She has dark hair... I was sure she would be bald but nope- she has a full head of hair.

The car ride home-

We have been doing lots of this....

On July 21 she went for her 2 day doctor apt. She is doing awesome. Growing great!
She has had NO problems.


I cant get over what a beautiful baby I have. I still cant believe I'm lucky enough to have her. I never understood how much love you can have for someone until my Kenzie Rye was born. Ryan and I have never been happier.
Of course its not an easy job- I'm totally amazed at every other mother out there because it really is a very difficult job. ESP. when you trying to teach this little one how to eat :)
She is worth every sleepless night, headache, tear and anything else she will throw our way.


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