Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekly Roundup: week 24

.Holding things in his mouth like a puppy
.Loves jumping
.Started eating 3 solid meals a day on top of nursing every 3 hours still
.Tried avocados (which he hated, he gaged and screamed)
.Added in peaches, green beans and broccoli (which he loves)
.Growing out of his 3-6 month clothes fast
.Had at least 1-2 blow outs every single day
.First trip to Cabelas
.First outdoor sports expo
.Spent lots of time with Grandma and Papa
.Addi slept over
.Grandma and Papa babysat on Saturday night
.Harley climbed in Trackers bath one night without permission
.Starting to move his feet when you help him walk
.Grandma came over to play
.Has quite the attitude and is getting a rather loud scream to let us know when he is angry

February 17
161 days old

February 18
162 days old

February 19
163 days old

February 20
164 days old

February 21
165 days old

February 22
166 days old

February 23
167 days old

In Love

Piano Lessons

My Mom is amazing.
She tried taught all 10 of us kids how to play the piano.
(as well as teaching other kids in the neighborhood.)
Okay so maybe some of us made her job extra hard and never made it past the basics but a few of my siblings know what they are doing. We went to visit her the other day and decided it was time our babies learned how to play the piano. 
We are starting Tracker early but Harley has some catching up to do. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Trackers First Valentines


Since we were going to be gone on Valentines Day this year we decided to celebrate a little early.
We had the little muffin/mini/Teagan so she joined in on our celebrations.
She fulfilled all my loves of crafting and loved every minute of it.
She was all about the RED stuff and making everything about hearts.
We baked, colored, crafted, sang, danced, watch movies, read books, talked about, ate and dreamed of all things Valentines and Love.
Her most favorite thing... Snuggling her baby.

Confetti Cookies... So Delicious
Teagan insisted on making these herself and doing it all. With just a little help she really did it all herself. Adding in ingredients, mixing, rolling out, cutting, frosting and sprinkles.

Sunday morning was our "Valentines Day"
My loves woke up to some goodies.

Of course Tracker was most excited about the red crate paper. It was a hit and he loved every inch of it. The rest of his goods were enjoyed later after the paper was out of the picture.
I got Tracker and Makenzie a new Valentines book and think its my new favorite.
Its called Where ever You are, My Love Will Find You.
The whole book is perfect for my babes but the last page is extra special for my Makenzie....
Ryan got a couple little things and than I made him this little book of LOVE.
Its all mushy and full of reasons why I adore him.

Ryan got me exactly what I wanted... a 4qt pot. That's right folks. He knows the way to my heart!
After we had all the crate paper fun we could have, Ryan made us an amazing heart breakfast.

Tracker didn't get any pancakes but he did get some RED applesauce.

There was then mani/pedi's and valentine cartoons the rest of the day.

...and of course we had to share the festiveness with Makenize

Completely IN LOVE with all my LOVES.


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