Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event part 2

Oh there is just so much to see!!

This amazing painting (yes I said painting) was made for Ryan and I as a surprise. We had no idea it was being made until we arrived that afternoon. Isn't it amazing. Its huge!

A better look at the Makenzie and SMA table. We had pictures lining the whole fence of Makenzie. I had over 150 pictures blown up. You can see a small amount of them in the back ground.

*one of the many crafts that kept me busy the past few months were those magnet stands*

We had an amazing team of face painters and clowns. They stayed the whole time painting and blowing up balloons. I was so impressed with their amazing work.

One of our incredible entertainers was Scales and Tails.
They were amazing. Everyone loved them. They did a fabulous job keeping everyone interested, excited and  a little scared of the creepy crawlers!

Through the whole carnival we had someone from Princess Parties there. At times there was several characters at once.
We also had tinker bell and Cinderella.
*I loved Ariel the very best*

I found this amazing lady online and knew I had to have her. She is THE ORIGAMI LADY!
Just look at her.  I fell in love. She did such a great job creating origami wands with everyone.

We had so many incredible sponsors. I cant express how much each of them meant to us. They made this carnival a success. We are so lucky to have received such a giant amount of help.


Emma said...

The pics of Makenzie on the fence was such a great idea, and her table, amazing! I love seeing all the smiles, shows what a success the day was! :-) Hugs, Em

Robin said...

hey girl you still have not said how much you were able to raise I am excited to find out!

Kristen said...

It looks fabulous! Makenzie is so proud. Looking at those pictures, you can see what a great time everyone had honouring your daughter and raising awareness. Give yourselves a pat on the back. : )

Alerie said...

one word....AMAZING!! Everything about it!! Much love!!

Tara Bennett said...

I don't know if I told you, but Chloe had a little crush on the scales n tails guy.... so funny! Ariel was my favorite too. It was such a wonderful day!

Jae Marie said...

I'm not sure what you are going to school for right now *and I'm sorry to read up page that you didnt pass ur final! grr*

But is event planning, fund raising, coordination etc, NOT your calling?! Now, I know your motivation is from the depths of your soul. But goodness, it seems you have put on quite the event and really got the support of your community.

I think you've really pulled off something amazing and I will not be surprised if you turn this into your life's work in some way. Maybe, Kenzie will soon have her own organization to work alongside Gwendolyn Strong. Maybe you can help other people pull of events for their causes!

You are young and have so much promise. I am not too much older than you, but I am so inspired *and event planning and marketing and design IS my niche---so you inspiring me says a lot*

I am so thankful, as just some strange from Michigan on the net, that Kenzie was a part of your life. She is an incredible little spirit. You have made her so incredibly proud of you with her birthday event.

Rooting for you all the way Kendra!!

Jae Marie said...

haha... I just re-read my comment and the 'says a lot' portion about the inspiration totally reads wrong! It sounds uppity and that was not my intent!! LOL. *blush* Just wanted to clarify. I just meant that for this to be your first event *as far as I know of course* that it seems you really pulled it off and did a great job with sponsors, and coordination and ideas and I am inspired even though I've been doing it for some time. lol....


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