Friday, March 29, 2013

6 Month Favorites

Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst Infant Toy: We just call this the crazy toy. Tracker loves this thing. Its super light so he can swing it with ease. Its soft so when he whacks himself or me in the face there are no tears. and you can put it in the freezer when they are teething and use this as another soother. Seriously we love this thing.

Carters 4 piece Jammies: Since Tracker is a rather tall little man he has outgrown his footie jammies at lightning speeds. I love the footies but man alive they can be a pain if they are to big and are so uncomfortable if to small. So these 2 piece jammies are amazing. and I love Carters. They don't look worn when you wash them a million times and they have pretty cute prints. but the best part is when they have sales... 50% off the entire store along with another 25% coupon... WooWoo!

Touch and Feel Books: Tracker is loving books right now and he is so cute with these touch and feel books. He sits so still and lets me take his finger and rub it along each texture. 

Baby Einstein take along tunes: I saw another Mum showing her little one this toy a while back and her little one was mesmerized by it. I decided to see how Tracker would like it and cant say enough good things about it. I love that there are different volume levels and that its easy to get the music to play. The lights keep him entertained and its the perfect size for him to hold. The only problem. He loves this and swings it all over and has hit himself in the face several times. and each time he is in hysterics. Its the saddest thing ever. I wish they made softer toys.

JJCole Bib: I love these bibs. They fit perfect and they are super easy to clean. They are wide around his body and hangs low and catches food that drops. I have a few different kinds of bibs but this is my favorite. 

Chobani: This is for all the Mums. These are the best. I was not a huge Greek yogurt fan when I first started eating them but I have grown to love them. They are so healthy for you and the Chobani has great flavors. They fill me up and are so great when I just need a quick little something.

Galloping Horse Jumperoo: We got this horse jumperoo years ago when Teagan (aka: mini) was a baby. I thought it was the cutest thing then. Makenzie was to small to ever use it so she never got to enjoy it but Tracker is obsessed. He is so funny on this thing. He jumps and jumps and jumps. He goes crazy in this thing. I don't think I'm particularly partial to this jumperoo I just love jumperoo's period. They have activity gyms that have a ton of stuff on it but babies cant really jump and I think the jumping part is a must. That's Trackers favorite part. 

Boppy: Okay so most Mum's have this on their list during months 1&2 right? Well I was not a boppy fan when it came to breastfeeding. I thought it got in the way. I didn't use it at all. but I use it like crazy since Tracker has started learning to sit. Its perfect to help prop him up and catch him when he falls. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still Here.

Man its hard for me to stay away.
I should be in bed.
Its been a long day.
...but I decided I better do a little update on the ol' blogger so all those that have emailed and left comments will know what the hell is going on :)
I am still getting the other blog up and running. I don't want it to be a piece of dirt so I am trying to make it a little cute. Plus I am very far behind in whats been going on lately so I am just trying to sort things out into posts. If you have not received and invite that doesn't mean you wont get one. I haven't sent any out. I am hoping I can have more followers than what I think so I can keep you all.
I'm sorry if I cant.
I have decided- after chatting with Ryan- that I will do a few updates here every so often so you wont be totally out of the loop. I guess I was just sharing a bit tooo much info before. and lets face it I have to put all the Tracker goodness somewhere and this is my place. This is where I document it all. It will be printed out and saved and treasured for generations to come. One day this here blog will be as valuable as say.... the hope diamond that rose threw into the ocean off the Titanic. Serious. You know its true.
okay...okay... That's a joke. but just wanting to let you know we are still here just living an extremely chaotic and busy life right now.
You know how I said this would be a year of adventure.
Little did I know how adventurous it would be.

I'm so sleepy.
The babe has been Sick and Sprouting some Teeth... Its been rough around here.
Poor Love.
I am going to try to catch some Zzzz before he wakes up screaming which could be any second.

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Blog

I love my blog. I love what it started out being and what over the years it has turned into. It's been a place to share our journey. A place to vent. A place to connect. A place to remember. It was my greatest therapy in the darkest times in my life. Because of my amazing followers and new friends I was able to get the most amazing support. I was able to see how every feeling I was feeling was totally normal. I was able to share my daughter. Thank you for letting me share my baby. Thank you for getting to know her. Thank you for loving her. Thank you for saying her name. Thank you for praying for her. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser. Thank you for donating leggings. Thank you for buying cookbooks. Thank you for all the positive vibes you sent hoping we would get a baby. Thank you for 2,279,635 page views. Thank you for all 6731 comments that have been left since my first post way back in 2008. Thank you for every email. I honestly think I have received more emails than comments. At least that’s how it feels (in a good way) and I’m sorry if I never got back to you. I really tried. I have made the best relationships through this place.

Over the years this has been my safe place. I have tried to protect that and I have tried to do everything in my power to keep those mean spirited people at bay and not let them have a voice. It makes me so sad that there are people who have cruel intentions and really just out there to hurt another. Who does that? Who has time for that? I don’t understand why people feel they have the right to hurt another. 
Please be nicer to each other. Please smile at a stranger. Please hold a door open. Go out of your way to make someone’s day a little better. Just be a good person. You have no idea what that other persons shoes look like so stop judging before you walk in them yourself.
In the last few months I have grown more and more hesitant on how much I share on here. I hate that. This is where I share my life. Every part of it. and until recently I have continued to do that but unfortunately Ryan and I have both decided we won’t be able to continue like this.
Especially regarding Tracker.
We have decided its not worth to keep up this blog for my benefit if that means it puts our family's safety at risk. I wish everyone had good intentions and no one was out there to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
I will be starting a new blog that will be private. 
This blog will remain open and ill post occasionally especially about our leggings project, live laugh breathe fundraisers and occasionally I will share a bit of Tracker and what's new with us but I'll be moving the majority of our details to our new spot. If you would like to read the new blog leave a comment with your email. I'll try to add you but I think there is a restriction on how many followers you can have so you will just have to follow me on Instagram, email and watch for updates here.
Instagram name: kendrawebster
Its private as well but I will add you unless you are one of the creep-o's that’s on my shit list.
Really Really Thank You ALL for the love and support over the years! I wish I could really put into words what a difference you have made in my life. It might sound silly to some but it really breaks my heart to end this part of my life. I know ill keep up the private blog mainly because this is my journal and how I record everything I want to remember but there is something about the connections and friends you make through blogging that will soon be over and that makes me sad.

I hope you will continue to remember Makenzie. I hope you use her life as a reminder of how precious life is. I hope you continue to hold your babies closer and savor those little moments. Remember how quick life can change and that none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.

You will hear more from us soon!
In the meantime remember we are 3 months into Kenzie's Baby Leggings project 2013. I have had some amazing donations already but we always need more. If you have leggings to donate please let me know and ill give you the address to send them to. There is no goal this year so any amount is an accomplishment :) but I would love to take up around the same amount as we did this last year
(hint hint) haha...

Weekly Roundup: week 25

.Sticks his tongue out most of the day
.Sitting up better and better
.Likes to sit in the bath rather than lay and he loves to splash
.Mum is soaked after every bath
.Holds stuff in his mouth like a puppy
.Mum had to go to a workshop during the day so Aunt A and Grandma took turns watching Tracker
.It was one of the longest weeks ever
.Mum couldn't stop thanking Dad for letting us be home together every other day
.Introduced pears and banana flavored oatmeal
.Has been sleeping amazing this week- going to bed around 8-8:30pm and not waking until 5-6am
.Definitely getting those teeth in and they are hurting- but they haven't poked through quite yet
.Visit from the Allen's
.First time we went to the Children's museum
.Weather was perfect on Saturday so we had lunch outside on a picnic table
.Loves chewing on Mum and Dads chin
.Naps are becoming more routine
.Starting to HATE being in his car seat and in the car
.As much as I have tried to resist the boy loves TV
.When he is pooping he doesn't make as many noises as he used to (call me crazy but I'm kinda sad about it. They made me laugh)
.JUMPS in his jumper
.When he is eating solids he is wanting to eat more and isn't satisfied with the amount he used to eat
.Discovered his first bruise- I almost had a heart attack- its on his knee and tiny but how the heck did he get it? Could be from the toys he swings around. I can say he has whacked me hard enough to leave bruises a few times but that doesn't make me feel better. I don't know what I'm going to do when he is big enough to actually fall down and ill be discovering new marks on his all the time. I need to wrap him in bubble wrap.

February 24
168 days old

February 25
169 days old

February 26
170 days old

February 27
171 days old

February 28
172 days old

March 1
173 days old

March 2
174 days old

Life is Good!


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