Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bedroom Troubles- hehe

I guess I went a totally different way on the baby's room!
I had been going crazy over what bedding/colors/style I wanted for this princess and have lost much sleep over it :)
I finally went to Pottery Barn Kids and without a second thought- GOT THIS!!!!

So I am so in love with this- Her walls will be painted the same color pink as one of the flowers in the bedding. I will then try to paint the same flowers on her wall. I am so in love with this- the best part- It has a big girls bedding that is the exact same so when the little girl turns into a big girl we don't have to redecorate her room- Everything will still match perfectly. I love how its not to loud and its pretty settle. Even though there were some other bedding out there I might have like the same or a little more, I thought this would be much calmer for her and it will be something she can totally grow with. I had to order it so when it comes we will be buying paint and Ryan will be getting to work! I cant wait to start updating this blog with pictures of her room.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Found this imagine on the web- I wish I could tell you where the idea came from but I don't know. I still want to give credit where credit is due so- It wasn't me and some other awesome arts and crafter did this super cute project!
This is one of my next crafts- For baby.....'s room.
I know she doesn't have a name yet so I really cant buy anything because I don't know how much or how little I need to get but Its on the top of my "to-do" list when we pick a name. Ryan and I have had NO luck with names- We don't like ANY now! We had a few we liked and thought about but now- we hate them all! I feel like I'm shaping my daughters life with one simple little decision. I dont like this kind of pressure.
Do you know why I love you so much?
I guess its more than the sigh of relief knowing your next to me- knowing nothing will ever happen if you're there.
Its more than the hugs and kisses you give me telling me you missed me today.
Although I love you for working so hard everyday and continuing to work when you get home its more than that.
You surprise me everyday-
Thank you for loving me Ryan- Thank you for making me a Mom and thank you for loving this baby more than words could ever express before she has even breathed her first breath.
Thank you for being you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday little Addison

(Addison with whip cream on her nose :)
Happy Birthday Addison!
Another one of our little nieces turns 1 year old today!
Her fabulous party will follow tonight so more pictures are to be posted.

Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah

Happy Birthday to Sarah!!!
My little niece Sarah bear who lives all the way in Idaho is celebrating her 3rd birthday today! Hip Hip Hooray!
As you can see by the amazing cake her mother made it was a "Strawberry Corkcake" birthday party. I sure wish I could be there with you Sarah- I cant believe how big you are. When you were born I couldn't believe how perfect you were. I have missed seeing you every morning- ahh those were the days :)
I love you so much Sarah and Happy Happy Birthday!
PS. I still owe you a present!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is a weird picture but the best I could get... I was in PJ's so don't make fun of the seriously miss-match clothing choice...
There is the bun in the oven... Cooking away!

Happy Birthday Randy!!!

It was my father-in-laws birthday on Sunday!
We went over to Ryan's parents house for some great food and fun. I was to busy taking pictures of this cute little girl I forgot to take some pictures of the birthday boy!

This is the beautiful Addison! She is almost 1... I cant believe how big she is getting-
Oh and she has THE cutest smile EVER....
Happy Birthday Randy!!!
I love to see Ryan and his Dad together. Ryan is the spitting image of his Dad and his Grandpa. They love the same things, they talk the same way and they look alike. Its so fun to see them together and hear them make the same grunts and groans. Randy is such a wonderful father to his kids which include his son and daughter in law. He loves his family so much (Very much like Ryan) he is not a touchy feely- wears his heart on his sleeve kind of guy but you know by how patient and kind he is how much love he has for everyone. I am so grateful he has taught Ryan so much of what he knows (or think they know) He has given me an amazing husband and an amazing father to be.
I also have to also say he has the best laugh- and not the chuckle laugh but his fully on belly GIGGLE - its so awesome!

** Ryan and his Dad at the Cabin

Just a love filled weekend.

What a weekend of LOVE! We went to Johnson Mill in Midway UT. It was so beautiful. The picture I posted before of our room didn't turn out to be our room but I think our room was just as beautiful! We had 2 balcony's over looking acres of land. I loved loved loved the bathroom. I asked Ryan to build me one like that someday. The bath tub had a huge window over looking the pond and again acres of land. I had such a great time just watching animals roam around and pretending to swim in the HUGE tub. The B&B was recently remodeled so its updated and very nice. Throughout the mansion was fun things like this log that went from the basement to the top floor.

We checked into the B&B around 4 and relaxed for a few hours before our dinner at Blue Boar Inn. Again another beautiful place. It was very rustic/log cabin feeling and very elegant. The service was amazing and the food was really good- although pricey.

The next morning the B&B made crapes for breakfast. They were very yummy- I wish I could have asked for seconds. We hung out a little longer before taking off into the snow. We had to pick Harley up from the doggie hotel before noon.

It snowed quite a bit there- Its hard to see in this picture but it was very heavy and thick.

Even though the B&B was really our Valentines- Ryan still surprised me with flowers and candy at home. We ordered Chinese on Valentines night and had an amazing time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

im just dreaming!!!!

Of a weekend here!!!!

In this room!!
Happy Valentines day to my husband- I am surprising him with a little getaway. I feel inlove with the rooms/facility/views of this place! I cant wait to run away tomorrow. Harley will have a great weekend to- She is booked for a weekend of fun at a doggie hotel! She loves this place and im sure cant wait to get pampered. Plus her days are full of playing with her fellow doggie friends~
We are trying to get a few of these in now because as I have read- NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!
** If you havent noticed there has been a serious lack of personal pictures on here. My camera is a little broken and I need to fix it before this weekend- so hopefully Ill have some pictures of our getaway to share on Monday!
AND HEIDI- Ill try to get the courage up to post a picture of my GROWING belly :)
(Sigh) Is it Friday yet?

someone say bathroom?

Yes, I know you all are wondering who the new pearly white babe in the pictures is! Well its actually a picture of my latest best friend... It may sound extremely disgusting but I am being extremely seriously- I never realized that getting pregnant meant that for 9 months my bladder will shrink to the size of seriously- A PEA- and my child would use it as a soccer ball or squeeze toy every waking moment (and sleeping moment) of my life. I have had more than one "oops" since being pregnant and its because I haven't figured out yet that I can no longer wait a few more minutes to run to the bathroom- I need to drop whatever I'm doing, put my running shoes on and book it to the nearest facility to relieve myself.
I read all about the "more frequent urination" in the pregnancy books I have read but this is not "more frequently" this is like I should probably start wearing a diaper frequently.
**I'm sorry if my latest BFF offended anyone!


I have narrowed down the bed room set I want to get this baby GIRL to the following. Please help! Give me your advice as to what style/color/theme you like best. We will be painting her room around whatever bedding we choose. I'm anxious to pick this out so within the next month Ryan can start the HUGE renovation on her room. (It needs some serious help)
Option 1

Option 2

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Surgar and Spice and Everything Nice

That's what My little GIRL is made of!

That's right!!! Ryan and I found out yesterday that we are going to have a baby GIRL!
Bows, ribbon, pink and purples. Ready or not is all about princess and flowers!
so I guess as we sat in the room hearing about her special area and that it was definitely a GIRL- I look over at Ryan who has the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen! Okay this is from the same guy who was determined this was going to be a boy and be his little man. I was a bit nervous hoping he wont be a little sad he isn't having that little shadow he wants but with that smile on his face. I don't think he really cared. When we got home and look in her closet that is already full of CAMO clothing- he kept saying that she is going to be Daddy's girl and will still sit next to him on all their hunts and she will still wear all that camo (With a bow of course)
Its still sinking in that we are having a baby and now knowing its a girl, I am so unbelievably happy. I cant believe how blessed my life is to be given the opportunity to bring a beautiful baby girl into this world! I do have some worries- She already had a bit of an attitude as she kept swatting at the monitor. I guess if someone was jabbing me I would get a little upset to :)

To update you- I am not suppose to have my ultrasound at the doctors for another 4 weeks but with to much excitement Ryan took me to Fetal Fotos last night. We planned that both our Mothers would be there next apt to find out the sex of the baby but since we didn't wait- Only Ryan's Mom was able to make it which was amazing. It was so great to have her there and be able to see her for the first time. I know she is going to be so incredibly loved by her Grandparents.

So there she is! Our baby girl... Its now time for the details- Decor and Names are on our top priority for right now. Any ideas let me have them!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thats how I roll

- Well this is how my baby will roll...
I have been eyeing all the car seats/ strollers awaiting the best deals on the best rated products. I was told when I first got pregnant- don't skimp on your car seat. Now as many out there might know- these things can be $$$$ pricey! I was looking into how each car seat was rated and comparing prices. You could go as high as the luxor of car seat/strollers and grab yourself an orbit (you will see this stroller linked to stars like
Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling) the price tag on that $900
(at least, this is a stage thing so the bigger the kid the more things you need to buy)
I was also looking at the fancy Peg Perego... Nice stuff but still well over $300 just for the stroller! I checked amazon, KSL, Babies R Us and many other places. I have always loved the Chicco and seen it listed as the #1 rated car seat a few different times. I was having a really hard time coming to terms with spending $350 for the travel duo and thought I might have to find something else when I saw the big RED letters in the USA baby window- SALE!!!
I was lucky enough to get the color and the exact brand I wanted for under $250. I couldn't pass this up! Whoo Hoo. So now the lovely pair sits in my front room- staring at me- waiting for me to put a widdle tinny baby in it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Help... I need some body... Help

Just a little cry out to all those baby mamas or soon to be baby mamas-
Where oh where did you get your clothes? I'm not so good at this! I went on a fabulous shopping trip with my Mother and sister in law however- Those adorable clothes that are screaming my name in my closet just don't fit right now. I can fit into SOME jeans that I have always worn but my work pants are DUNZO~ I am wearing the amazing bella band but when it comes to work pants- I worry a bit. I don't want to be chillin at my desk all the while my bella band slips out of place and I get up to (what else) go to the bathroom and oops- there goes my pants! Now don't think I'm crazy- This almost happened once. Good thing I have been very conscious of this and grabbed the suckers before anything HR related happened.
Boy oh Boy... or
Girl oh Girl...
This stage is really not all the super duper so in love with my changing body the world is full of sunshine and lolly pops! (MMmm. Lolly pop)
I am feeling plump! I have discovered a new curve each morning, Head aches/ Migraines are now a daily issue, I am super lazzzy which means my house is in utter despair, I have given up on getting comfortable at night, the couch, the bed and the floor have all left me with sleepless nights (NO those prego/body pillows don't help). I cant keep on top of the shaving business because my body has all the sudden decided hair in all places is in! Okay okay the one good advantage- my locks-o-love are growing in pretty fab (in my opinion, but you may of course see differently)
So with longer locks-o-love I have to also see the other positive and say my skin is baby soft! I have had those annoying bumps on my arms for years but all the sudden they are gone! Lets hope it lasts forever. All in all I am very much enjoying being pregnant. I cant tell you how exciting it is to wonder if today will be the day I can feel it for the first time. This is so far one of the longest yet shortest life changing experiences ever! What a great ride so far!
So- for clothes- where did you shop?

Sarah the Lion

My sister Lisa who lives in Idaho- gave us a scare when she said she found a Lion in her house!
Now- I have to say this is the cutest little Lion ever. I wish one would wonder into my house :)

(Little Sarah in her Lion Den)

Grandpa Arvel

Ryan's Grandpa Arvel passed away on Friday. This guy was seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Not only did he have the best personality but he had the biggest heart for everyone who meet him. He just celebrated his 90th birthday in November and we had such a great party to celebrate! From the time I first met Ryan's Grandparents I was amazing at how much love they had for each other.
It was so refreshing to see 2 people have so much love for each other that you can just feel it.
Although its so great to know he is happy and with his family in Heaven he is going to be missed so much by everyone here!

Arvel LeRoy Brown

Arvel LeRoy Brown 11/25/1918 ~ 1/30/2009 Arvel LeRoy Brown, 90, passed away peacefully in his home January 30, 2009. Born Nov. 25, 1918 to Joseph Hyrum Brown and Hilda Llewella Blum. Married Jane Parker on Dec. 1, 1938 and was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple. Arvel and his son Roy took care of Jane for many years before her death in 1996. Arvel married Dorothy Romero Gallegos on Mar 22, 1997. Arvel was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was retired from KCC after over 40 years of employment as a pipe fitter. Arvel served in the US Army during World War II in the Pacific Theater. He enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, camping at Flaming Gorge with his boys, and his beautiful roses and peonies. He was a good cook and especially loved a tasty dessert. Arvel was a loving husband and father, and was respected by many. He was a great example of patience and kindness and will be greatly missed. Survived by his wife, Dorothy, sons: Francis (Terry) Brown and LeRoy Brown; daughters: Mona (Byron) Case, Maggie Higginson, MaryAnn Davis, Becky (Randy) Webster, Carma (Bob) Owen; 17 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by his first wife Jane; sons-in law: Tommy Higginson and Richard Davis; brothers: Joseph, LaVerle, Robert and Francis; and sister Lila. The family would like to express their appreciation for the kindness and gentle care provided by Hearts for Hospice. Funeral services will be held Tues Feb 3, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.


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