Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tracks Room

Trackers room was not the easiest thing for Ryan and I to get ready.
I had one vision and he had a completely different.
Ryan won.
I got a good amount of ideas off pinterest and we tried to put our own spin on everything.
We re-used as many things as possible to keep the cost down.
All the major furniture was Makenzies. That was a hard thing to convince me to re-use. I have always thought I wanted to keep her things hers and couldn't imagine another child using them.
After much discussion we decided to use the majority of her big items. and I am so glad we did.
We painted the room a light grey. 
Ryan and his Dad did the wood wall. We were going to stain it but once it was all sanded down and put on the wall I loved it just the way it was.

While we were at the cabin this summer we found these old coloring books that used to be Ryan's when he was little. The only pictures he colored was cowboy or horse ones. hilarious. 
I thought it would be cute to frame a couple of our favorites and put them in Trackers room. 

Tracks first real pair of cowboy boots. He has those cute John Deer crib boots that are smaller than these but these are his first real pair. He probably wont fit into them until he is closer to a year. They are so cute and tiny. I cant wait to see them on his little feet.

My incredibly crafty sister made this cute name banner for Trackers baby shower. 
I had to find a place to put it up in his room. I love it.

I did my best to sew a few things in his room. I had my sister and MIL help me with a few projects because sewing is not my forte. I am horrible at it and have no patience. 
Its a disaster when I get the machine out. 
I did sew these pillows by myself. Don't look to close but they work.

Ryans mom took these pictures of his uncles horses. I snagged a few of my favorites and mounted them on pieces of wood. His mom also found this adorable picture of Ryan when he was little on a goat and his Grandpa on his horse. I love these pictures. 


I found this small pallet at work one day. It was just what I was looking for. I stained it and Ryan turned it into a book shelf. We love to read bedtime stories around here. We grew quite a collection with Makenzie and its only grown bigger with Tracker. We read every night. Its one of my favorite moments of the day.

Tree from the cabin above the window.

We were going to get Tracker a new dresser but decided to just use my old one. I have had this thing pretty much my entire life. It was an ugly brown with gold knobs but with a little paint and new hardware it was good as new. I couldn't get the color to look right in these pictures. Its more of a dull grey/blue. I don't like the color in these pictures so just know it looks better in real life.

I found this cute box to put all his diaper stuff in and painted it. 
We were given this sweet statue which made me think of Makenzie and Tracker right away.
Its perfect.

This is Kenzies star that our friends the Anderson's gave us shortly after Kenzie passed. It was sooo sweet and I have been waiting for the perfect place to hang it.
I used to sing 'You are my Sunshine' all the time to Makenzie. I love that song.
Now it means even more with Tracker and we sing it several times a day.
It describes him perfectly.

I had a hard time trying to figure out where to put this bookshelf that Ryan made for Makenzie. We decided to still use it for books and toys and put it in one of the closets. 
The other closet stores clothes and diapers.

After months and months of preparing for this little boy I just cant believe he is really here.
I love his room. As simple as it is I hope he likes it and can grow in it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 2

September 16
7 days old
.meeting Grandma Diane and Jesse finally
.Dinner with family
.Lucy finally held Tracker
.Cousins couldn't get enough
.Waited impatiently for Dad to come home

September 17
8 days old
.Grandma Diane spent the day with us
.Did our best to clean the house
.Got newborn pictures taken
.Grandma Becky came to visit
.Belly button stump fell off

September 18
9 days old
.Circumcision bell fell off
.Started getting the gooey eyes
.Needed to take some gas drops for a rumbly tummy

September 19
10 days old
.Mom finally let Harley close
.Missed Dad sooo much
.Waited at the door for him to get home
.Dad had to hold me for the rest of the night
.Grandma Becky stopped by for a snuggle

September 20
11 days old
.Ran errands
.Visited with some friends
.Picked up our new stroller
.Makes the funniest faces especially when sleeping
.Hates having his arms wrapped or away from his face

September 21
12 days old
.Visited Dad at work
.Went to lunch with Aunt Robin and cousin Kevan
.Went on our first walk to test out the new stroller
.Took an extra long bath to settle an upset tummy
.Falls asleep in the water almost every time

September 22
13 days old
.Soccer game for cousin Anna
.Dad had to work
.Stayed up late to watch a movie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 1

I hope I can keep up on this because I figured it would be a lot of fun. I take about a billion pictures of this cute face every single day so I thought I would do a picture weekly roundup of this little man. Then at his first birthday I can put together a book of 365 days of Tracker. I am already a week behind so I better get my butt in gear and stay on top of this.

September 9
0 days old
.the start of our new life
.the most beautiful soul
.so much love
.meeting lots of new people
.first bath

September 10
1 day old
.lots of visitors
.learning how to eat
.the best snuggle bug ever

September 11
2 days old
.leaving the hospital
.first car ride
.visiting sister
.meeting harley
.second bath
.first night at home
.slept pretty good

September 12
3 days old
.sleeping in
.daddy headed back to work
.didnt sleep much at all

September 13
4 days old
.late start
.first outing
.just mom and tracker
.doctors appointment
.testing his jaundice
.mom cried to his pediatrician the entire visit
.first nursing experience outside of the house, in a car- in the parking lot.

September 14
5 days old
.sleepy smiles
.tons of diaper changes
.dad left for the cabin
.mom cried all day
.stayed up late
.didnt sleep so good

September 15
6 days old
.up early
.took harley to the vet
.first birthday party for cousin easton
.5 outfit changes
.peeing on everything
.talking to dad on the phone
.another blood draw at the hospital for jaundice
.first soccer game for cousin ellie
.sitting in the sun
.slept better

Love this life.


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