Sunday, August 29, 2010

31 in 31... day 22

day 22 Kendras Picture
These are the things I treasure the very most. I got a mold done a couple weeks after Kenzie was born then I got another done a week before she passed away. Its amazing how they really didn't change in size. She was just a tiny little girl. I just love these because its something I can hold. Its something I can see and they are her.

day 22 Ryans Picture
So he took a picture of himself. when he was little. on Santa's lap.
hmm. i love you Ryan.


Alerie said...

I'm so glad you did those molds of her hand and foot. They are beautiful and I am sure it is nice to be able to hold them and touch them!!

brigette said...

What a priceless thing to have! Simply amazing


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