Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A funny Story.

Remember when we were at the cabin and harley was chewing on rocks... haha.. we thought she was so silly and cute.  We warned her several times to be careful. We would take away rock after rock. We laugh and laughed then became responsible parents again and took away the dangerous objects.
It was so funny
silly girl

well who's laughing now?
no one
especially harley
this girl broke her freakin tooth chewing on these rocks
breaking it down to the root.
She is at the doggie doctor.
They are telling me something like a veterinary dentist needs to do a root canal or we need to pull it.
a veterinary dentist! who the heck chooses that as their major?
The numbers that were flying around were something like $100 just for the pain meds... another $90 for blood work... All day at the doggie hospital... surgery... $1800 for the root canal or $800 to pull the tooth. She keeps throwing out other dollar amounts but I cant recall them all.
Im trying to add them up in my head but im no good at math.
I think about just pulling the tooth.
Half the cost.
But then I think about the giant hole in her mouth. Its a caynine after all. She will have a lopsided mouth. What if other dogs laugh at her. I think about how she will get her lip caught in the empty space and how funny she will look. 
Then I think about the root canal. Which would have to wait until August since the only Veterinary Dentist around lives in Colorado and we would have to wait until his next stop to Utah. I think about all the follow up dental apt. she would have and how she would have to be extra extra careful with that tooth.
Then I think about the ache in my mouth. The tooth that really needs a root canal but I have been putting it off until it hurts bad enough because I hate forking over $1000+ for something like that. I would rather pay some bills or even go shopping.

Alas, the dog will win. She will get my root canal money and she will get her tooth fixed.
However we may fix it. Pulling or Rooting. She will have things back to normal soon.

Oh little girl. You better save me from a fire one day to make all your expenses worth it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I could have this weekend last forever

what a weekend...
so very busy
a few things didn't go right
we missed more than we originally planned
but we were together and that's all I could ask for.

On Saturday we did lots of swimming
with family we don't get to see all the time

After burning our buns we rushed home to change and head over to my brothers surprise bday party.
black balloons
fire pit

Happy Birthday Big Brother

We stole some balloons because its only appropriate to have Makenzie apart of such a party.

Arriving only few minutes late we made it to the REAL game.
We love soccer and had a lot of fun with the kiddos.
soccer balls
ice cream
loud music

If you live in Utah I'm sure you have heard all about the Gomez family and their incredible story. If you haven't you should look them up! Their family is having a new house built this week with Extreme Home Makeover.  I believe it will air in the fall.  Jonah Gomez has an amazing story and this is the second game we have attended that Jonah was the start of the night.  The first one was last year when David Archuletta (however you spell his name) sang to him at half time and the other was this game.  Extreme Makeover was there and asking the crowd to sign up to become bone marrow donors and possibly find a match for little Jonah. Ryan and I have made it a point to be any kind of donor possible since our Makenzie became a donor last year. I hope everyone else out there makes sure they are to! You have no idea who's child you could save.
- this is one of the guys from EHM on the field, kind of hard to see -

Our section was the one that got to hold a big banner for Jonah who was watching from wherever his family is on vacation.  I still dont know what this banner said but I know it had an O in it.
Kind of cool to see everyone jumping up and down trying to get this sign to move as much as possible screaming in excitment for this little boy.

We enjoyed the rest of the game which REAL won!
I introduced these kids to one of my most favorite desserts- Ice cream nachos. You would like it to!

Came home and everyone was asleep by 10 pm.
Sunday we woke up early, grabbed our suits and headed to the pool. 
It was all ours for most of the morning.
Ryan taught D lots of new tricks including diving for items at the bottom of the pool. I was utterly paranoid with both these kids in the water. I have a huge fear of water so I was like a leach to both of them. I think they got a bit annoyed but I don't care.
T spent most of the time in the pool with both a life jacket and a floaty on. 
The one time I got out to take a picture I made her hold my toe so I knew she was right there.

Poor T scratched the crap out of her tush on Saturday so we had her swim in PJ bottoms.
After we swallowed a gallon of water we 
played on the playground
went to the asian buffet for lunch
grabbed an ice cream cake for Ryan's sister
watched 101 dalmatians
went to the in laws for a birthday dinner
found my phone that I lost at the grocery store
came home to watch another movie and have treats before bed

Yeah, these kids are pretty fun. 
I loved having the noise, chaos, running around, endless hungry belly's, bath after bath, clipping finger nails, outfit changes, temper tantrums, time outs, eating healthy, cuts and scraps, sleeping in the middle, no sleeping because of the one in the middle, playing, laughing, tickling, hiding, seeking, kisses and loves. I cant wait until we have our kind of normal back. The quiet is killing me.


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