Friday, August 27, 2010

31 in 31... day 18

Day 18 Kendras Pictures
So these pictures were really taken on day 17 but I forgot to take a picture on day 18.. oops!
So enjoy the adorableness of these! My nephew T is in football. He is so stinking cute. His sisters- the cheerleaders! Along with about 17 other sisters :) It was hot, it was long. But we had fun!

Day 18 Ryans Picture
I'm not sure what this is. A shirt- A hat- A belt... I don't know.  But it says sportsmans warehouse which is his favorite store. He could spend days there. Someday- when we are old and rich. He wants to open some kind of sportsmans shop. A local one that isn't really big and he will be like the only one working there. hmm.. Dream big baby!

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