Monday, August 16, 2010

31 in 31... day 8

Day 8 Kendra's Picture

So while I was pregnant I had all sorts of weird loves for food. It was my best friend. Since having my baby those same foods I once loved don't taste quite the same. This being another example. I was obsessed with lunchables while pregnant. *yes I know, processed food is NOT good for baby, don't send an email please*
but what mama wanted mama got. I would eat these little pizza lunchables like crazy. I haven't had one once pregnancy so i decided to indulge in this fattening, not healthy, full of added bad hormones and cancer causing treat.  brought it to work, popped open the lid, made my pizza, took a bite and... almost lost it.
OMG it was gross. How the heck did I used to like this cardboard goo. I spit it out and threw out the rest. Well i did keep the crunch bar.

Day 8 Ryan's Picture.
That's right, my husband was so busy saving a life, putting out fires, building a castle, jumping over a cliff, skydiving, crashing in a demolition derby and being bucked off a crazy bull that on our 8th day he didn't have a second to spare to take a picture.
maybe tomorrow his life will show down.


Emma said...

LOL, poor Ryan, he never has a minute to rest I am sure! :-) I am always surprised that my girls like those pizza type things, yes, I am terrible and give them a "quick lunch" once in a while! Glad to see you got your tastebuds back after pregnancy though! Hugs, Em

The Pachuilo Family said...

Very well said, I am the same way. Isn't it funny what we think is good when we are prego and then when were not it's nasty.
I love seeing all your daily pictures.


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