Tuesday, August 17, 2010

an afternoon

Every time we have gone to see Kenzie we keep forgetting to bring all the presents we bought her in San Diego.  We grabbed my cute nieces and meet Ryans parents up there for some good company and pie.
The girls were so sweet the whole time we were there. They would play with her toys and pin wheels and say they were playing with Makenzie. They would organize how they were arranged over and over.

I found this really cute wind chime at Coronado Island. I love sea horses so I knew Kenzie had to have it.

I feel bad to say we have been holding onto this balloon since we went to Yellowstone. We bought it for her there but never could find helium so we brought it home. Its been sitting in her room and forgotten about until I recently found it again.

These girls are so sweet.  They said several times how much they miss Makenzie. They kept winding up this  lion and letting it crawl around her stone.  A asked me if it tickled Makenzie. I said yes so then she wouldn't stop doing it. Here is a short video of them.

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brigette said...

Oh my goodness how sweet and cute are they. Kids are so tuned into things it is amazing!! What great little cousins they are.


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