Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gma Diane's Halloween Party

my mom is so fun with all her grand kids. she loves to plan fun activities to get us all together.
i was so excited when makenzie got to go to her first grandma Diane Halloween party.
she does the funnest things like games, food that is suppose to look and feel like something else (ex. brain = ramen noddles, bones = hot dogs, pickles = witches nose)
the kids all have so much fun every year. esp because she gives out yummy bags of candy!

From left to right:
Teagan = cat
Kailum = Didn't dress up but he will be a dead rocker
Kian = Vampire
Tyler = Football player
Lucy = Utah Cheerleader
Ellie = Utah Cheerleader
Kenzie = Punk Rocker
Amalie = Fairy
Aidan = Ghost
Hannah = Princess
Anna = BYU Cheerleader
Olivia = Devil
Devlin = Didn't dress up but he is going to be crazy joker

After all our games and food the kids started playing around and doing tricks on the floor. Miss Olivia can do splits in every way (both sides and in the middle) and she can touch her toes to the back of her head. All the other kids tried and tried to do it but NOPE... No one else is that flexible.

We had so much fun. Everyone is so cute together and gets along soooo well! I cant wait until Makenzie can run around and play all the games with them.

pumpkins -

we love pumpkins!
For family night this month we went to a pumpkin patch and a hay ride with Ryans family.
We got there just in time for the last hayride on the last day of the season!
WOW- it was our lucky day.
Although it was dark and cold we had a BLAST!

We pulled up to the pumpkin patch and the driver said- Its a free for all because its the last night. WHOOO HOOOO!
We took off running like a bunch of kids.
I had Makenzie strapped to my chest so it was hard to run in pitch black, in a pumpkin patch, tripping over giant pumpkins but I did it just for the effect.
Ryan grabbed one, then another than another. I would find them and stand next to them while he dropped them off at the waggon. We got a total of 6 pumpkins just for Ryan, Kenz and I. Everyone else got a ton as well.
We headed back to the cars for some cold pizza and bread sticks...
(we didn't get to eat before because we were literally running to buy our tickets before they closed)

**After we got to our warm home we decided to them get some cute pics of our little pumpkin by the big pumpkins!**

We couldn't leave Harley out so here she is with her pumpkin...

what we do on a saturday.

Can she stare any harder?
Guess what she is looking at....
Nope its not Mom doing a funny dance...
Its not Harley running all over the house...
Its not Dad running into something and falling...
She is looking at the same thing these guys are looking at.

Have you guessed it yet?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

random post about kenzie

This girl is so funny.
She likes to fart - then smile
She will only poop if I take off her diaper, she will stop if I hurry and put it back on then start pooping again once I take it back off.
She has only laughed for me when I blew my tongue at her and she only laughed for Dad when he whacked his shin on the ottoman and fell over in pain.
She is still a skinny little bean but she is stretching out at a very fast rate. Her pants are all carpi's.
She will scream and scream in her car seat but will stop when we get on the freeway.
She loves when I kiss her, She will smile and smile.
When she gets her feelings hurt she will stick out her lip so far I could dance on it.
She loves to talk. Ryan and I are worried she will one day never be quite.
Her eyes are starting to get some green in them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Im now a little less nutty.

Why is it that after I spent a whole post complaining about silly nonsense,
I come home and do almost all that stuff myself?
* Woke up my baby
* Let the dog on the couch (only for a second)
* Put my new white shirt in with my jeans (now my new blue shirt)
* Ran out of bottles and had a screaming child so I didn't wash the bottle "the right way"
~Guess I am not perfect every second of the day, Just most seconds~

After my therapeutic post I think miss PMS might have moved out.
Good thing I have great friends and family that kick my butt into gear.
Last night was wonderful and I think my husband still likes me a little so hopefully he
wont kick me out anytime soon,
after all who will be there to comfort that screaming baby after he wakes her up ;)

These pics are just because...

i have gone crazzzy

***Psychotic Mood Shift
**Pissy Mood Syndrome
*Pass My Sweatpants
its not easy being a girl. you are pregnant for 10 months, you give birth, you raise your children + your husband, you cook, clean, put out fires, save the world and the worst of it all - PMS!
Good-ol miss PMS has welcomed herself to our home.
For me- this is not just regular old PMS. Its- I have a million things on my mind, my house is a mess, my baby is constipated, my back hurts so I use icy hot patches only to realize the stank wont come off me so I walk around smelling like a giant tub of menthol, bad hair day, hubby making to much noise therefor waking up my incredibly sleepy baby that just took a few hours to get to go to sleep, laundry all over the house, dog throwing up - kind of MORNING!
This PMS doesn't seem like its once a month lately- Its seems like its come, made a nice home in the Webster house and is staying for a while. Just when I reason with myself and say I need to change my attitude and be nicer to my poor husband-
he does something that is obviously not a big deal but it sets me over the edge AGAIN.
What is my problem!?!
I feel like I'm stuck in a hole and I'm struggling to get out.
Bottles need to be cleaned a certain way, don't flush the toilet (unless its #2) because I just put the baby down and for some reason today- every little noise wakes her up and she wont go back to bed, don't let the dog on the furniture, clean the shed out and just throw everything away, hang these lights that I have been asking you to hang for a month now, don't put the whites in with the jeans, can you pick up your hunting stuff that has been sitting in the middle of the floor for over a week now, don't get upset because I'm crying again, don't hug me right now, please just give me a hug, your coughing just woke up the baby again.
Am I seriously crazy or what?! Such petty little nonsense things and I'm going nuts running around my house like a mental patient. My poor family.
Has this ever happened to you?
I promise I don't remember being so crazy before little Makenzie came along. I know I had my moments but it came and went in a day. Is it because I now have another little person to tend for? Is it because we are both tired and don't want to clean up another mess yet we cant have a baby living in a pigsty so we cant put it off like we used to?
I don't know what my problem is.
I am over the moon in love with my family and I see how blessed I am.
Those few issues are sooo tiny- I shouldn't even mention them because its really not "issues" its life. That's what everyone has to deal with on a daily basis so why am I acting so nutty about it?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mommy life

My days used to consist of,
-waking up at 6:30 ish
- taking 45 min. to get ready and get out the door
- work 9 - 10 hr days then going to school.
- come home and clean a bit, watch tv most the night, cook dinner, run.
- go to bed around 9 ish (yes i was an old lady but only on week days)
- if it was the weekend, i would usually enjoy some kind of beverage to de-stress from the week and go to bed around 11 - midnight.
My days now consist of,
- waking up at 5 to get everything ready before my little miss wakes up
- getting makenzie up at 6 and feeding her, dressing her and kissing her
- do a little happy dance for our daily exercise
- run around the house getting everything in order before we leave at 7
- drop kenz at the daycare
- drive to work feeling very sad and wishing i could just go home and hold my baby all day
- work 9 ish hrs. only thinking about makenzie. watching the clock and feeling comfort when her feeding times come because I know what she is doing.
- speeding home
- holding my baby who usually is a bit fussy and who wont let me sit down all night
- talking walks when the screaming gets to loud (it calms her down best)
- singing, dancing, reading stories, laying on the floor, taking pictures while surrounded by
a very messy house
- feeding, bath and story time at 9
- snuggling my baby not wanting to go to bed
- finally give in, lay her in bed and drag myself to my own bed around 10:30 - 11
- lay awake for around 30 more minutes while I imagine makenzie's future, praying that God watches over her.
Am I completely crazy or what....
This little girl sure has changed her Mom and Dad.
Can you relate? Has your life completely changed since you had a child?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mom's LiL Helper

Makenzie helps me do daily chores all the time. I'm teaching this girl early.
When its laundry time, I have found she loves laying on the warm clothes that just came out of the dryer. It also helps me carry her and the basket of laundry upstairs without juggling to much. I thought it was a pretty inventive way to keep an eye on her as well!

Monday, October 19, 2009

3 months...

Makenzie Rye turned 3 months old!
In an attempt to take some 3 month pictures of her Ryan and I got this...

Apparently she took the song- "its my birthday and ill cry if i want to" a little to literal.
After Ryan and I googled and coo'd at her for what seemed like hours we finally bribed her with a pony if she only stopped crying once.

That was it! She then proceeded to do this...

Until I finally gave in and did this...

I have to say this has yet to get old. I don't mind one bit her screaming fits as long as I can comfort her in my arms! Is she not the cutest little muffin?!
Makenzie Rye at 3 months:
*Holds her head up very good most of the time.
*Sleeps 8-9 hrs. at night
*Still wears NB diapers and most NB clothes
*Starting to fit into a few 0-3 month clothes
*Holds Mommy and Daddy's fingers
*Smiles all the time
*Has laughed a few times at Mom
*Pulls the funniest faces esp when she is sad. She has the lip curl.
*Rolls half way over
*Slowly growing her peach fuzz back
*Loves taking walks
*Loves focusing on the TV
I could go on and on about my big 3 month old girl. She is just perfect and I couldn't imagine my life without her. I cant believe how happy I am because of her. She makes Ryan and I better.
I am so blessed to have my beautiful family. I couldn't ask for a single thing in this world other than to keep them happy and safe.

Thanksgiving Point

Allie and I loaded up the kiddos and took them on an awesome adventure to the Thanksgiving point gardens! If you have never been you really should get up there. I was amazed at how incredibly beautiful it was. The leaves were changing colors and it was perfect fall weather. Although Kenzie and Brady didn't seem to enjoy the big hills and fun mazes like Emma did I think they enjoyed the little outing.

I have already tried to get Ryan to take me back up there before the season is over next week. I cant believe I have never been up there before.
Since Ryan was gone hunting again Allie and Derek took us out to dinner so Kenzie and I wouldn't be lonely.
We were so very grateful and it was so much fun spending that time with them.
Derek looked like a true UTAH man with little Emma and Allie and I each toting a car seat-

Friday, October 16, 2009

piece of my mind.

I made it!
First week down... I think towards the end we have been doing much better. Makenzie is no longer mad at me and we are learning to soak up every minute we spend together. Mornings and night time you cant catch us apart. I hope everyday gets a little easier.
I have been hearing so many people share their opinion on being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and being a working mom. It really amazes me how opinionated and rude some people can be supporting either side. I just wanted to get a little something off my chest-
First- I think SAHM are amazing... Its definitely a JOB I hate when people say oh they are just a Mom. Staying at home is huge and I admire every women that does it. I really think your great.
what I wanted to really get off my chest is related to something a few of those opinionated people told me after they found out I had to go back to work, this is what I wished I said to them instead of standing there in shock because of their harsh words-
**snap my fingers as I moved my head back and forth saying:
OH no you didn't-
** Just because you feel strongly one way or another on this topic- you need to realize everyone is different and whats right for you doesn't mean its right for someone else. Some people have to work and you should just shut your pie hole if you think that's an excuse to not be with your child. Sure I could live in a smaller house and drive and older car or I could sell my house and car all together and live on the streets. How would that be for my child?
Working to support your family or because you want your own career is NOT an excuse.
I am doing the best I can for my family and for my daughter. Just because I'm not with her every second of the day doesn't mean I give her any less attention and love than someone who is with her all day because when I am with her- its quality time. Its all about Makenzie. I don't have any distractions- I make it all about her.
Okay thanks for listening all.
Man seriously some people can really push my buttons. I have realized how defensive you can get when it comes to your children.

So its the weekend and I couldn't be happier. I have big plans that include but are not limited to..
*Kissing Makenzie
*Laying on the floor for tummy time with Makenzie
*Making faces with Makenzie
*Making all those dumb sounds you do when your trying to make your child smile
*Running in a 5k with my fam. for ALS
*Letting kenz hang out with her boyfriend
*Missing my ry who is hunting (what else)
*Holding Makenzie
*Hugging Makenzie
*Tickling Makenzie
*Loving every inch of my perfect daughter
This is going to be the best weekend ever!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blue day

back to work...
i miss my baby all day...
doesnt help everyone asks about her all day long which leads to me thinking about her more...
im amazed how my life has changed since the last time i walked out those
office doors --- 12 weeks later - now.
everything from my happiness to my hopes and dreams have completely changed.
my little muffin is growing everyday and my heart breaks when i think about missing it.
she was mad at me when i got home from work. she never cracked a smile once.
i hope someday she knows im working for her. im trying to give her a great life and give her opportunities and options. she is my world now- its all for her + ryan. they are why i breathe.
i have to go love on my baby now-

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the future mr. and mrs.

*** back off ladies- this little stud is off limits...


makenzie and i had a wonderful visit with aunt robin and grandma haacke.
they just loved on kenzie and kenzie just soaked it all in...

the story

is this not the cutest little patient in the world.
it still breaks my heart to see this picture though :(
sooo the story-
makenzie has something called Tracheomalacia. she has had this since birth- it causes her to make alot of noise when she breaths. it sounds horrible but its actually pretty common and just about all babies grow out of it. when we went to makenzie's 2 month apt. her doc told us to just watch her breathing and if the noise gets louder we need to let her know. for about a week it just kept getting louder and louder- to the point we could hear her in the other room. i was planning on taking her to see her doc. this week but on friday i was playing with her on the ground when all the sudden her arms and legs went stiff and straight and her eyes got really big, she was gasping for air so i grabbed her in my arms. she caught her breath and started crying like she couldn't get any air in. it happened so fast i didn't really know what to do next. i worried i was just seeing things and it didn't really happen or it was a fluke thing. i called her doc. but wasn't able to talk to anyone so i left a msg. for someone to call me back. i thought i would just watch her close and if she did it again i would take her straight to the hospital. she was perfect the rest of the night we kept checking on her all night. the next day she was great all morning but about noon she did it again. it was the exact same thing that happened the day before- i quickly picked her up the second i saw it again and she caught her breath again. i called her doc. to see if we should bring her there or right to the hospital. the on call doc. said to take her up to primary children's. we got there about 1 pm. into a room...waited....waited........waited....
the nurse that first checked makenzie out said to let them know if she had her little spell again.
while we were waiting she did it again so we paged the doc. the nurse came in for a minute and said the doc would be right in.... well... we waited and waited.... 30 min. later...
the doc. came in.
the ear/nose/throat doc. put a little camera up makenzies nose and down her throat
(she hated that)
they couldn't figure out what was wrong so they wanted to keep her overnight for observations and to see if she had another spell what she would do if i didn't pick her up.
overnight she didn't have another spell and everything looked great all night long so the next day they checked her out and gave us instructions to watch her and come back if it happens again.
so far- we are lucky enough to not have any more spells. she is doing great and i just pray nothing happens in the future.
the night we stayed in the hospital i couldn't sleep- i held makenzie until about 1 am. i then put her in the crib and sat in the chair next to her bed holding her hands. i tired to rest but every time i started to doze off i would quickly jump up making sure makenzie was okay. in the 20 min. i finally fell asleep i had a nightmare someone came in and kidnapped her so from then on- i definitely couldn't get even a little rest. i just sat there and prayed all night. the whole day before i was so emotional. i couldn't believe how much of a mess i was sitting in the hospital wondering what could be wrong with my baby. i wish they could have figured out what was making makenzie have those spells but im also so grateful she doesn't have anything wrong with her.


(heart) cousin!

we had a great week with devlin...
it was full of
*making goodies
*roasting mallows
*lovin on makenzie


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