Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brady Cole

August 6th 2009
 Makenzie's boyfriend was born. A great day. He is his own man. Definitely a lady's man.
We love him. Every inch of his chubbiness.
on his official birthday last year.
this is what was

love at first sight.
mr big and lil tiny.
lots-o hair and baldy
chubber chunk and string bean. on his 1 year birthday...

look at this stud. i could eat him up.
Happy Birthday Bboy.
You are so amazing. You have been such a blessing in our family.
Ryan and I adore you.
We cant wait to watch you grow up. See the man you become. You are so lucky to have your amazing family. They love you to pieces. Your birthday was amazing. I know you loved it.
Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday.
Love ry&ken&makenzie&harley&milo

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derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

Thank you so much for coming yesterday!!! If only we could have chatted and hung out longer, this week for sure! I love you so much, so does Brady!!! You helped make his birthday wonderful!


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