Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I got Ryan a Wii for Christmas and we love it. It was misery getting this machine though. I had been trying to get it since the September before. Everywhere was sold out of it. I stood in line at numerous stores early in the morning only to have them all sell out a few people before me. I left work early about 2 weeks before Christmas thinking ill pick up some last minute things. By this time I gave up on the idea of getting Ryan a Wii so I already bought him something else. I went into a Toys R Us just to see if I could get lucky and like every other store- we are sold out! Its so crazy but they wont even tell you on the phone if they have any in stock or when the next shipment will come, you have to come into the store yourself. Well across from Toys R Us there was a game stop so I ran over there. A line of about 3 people already formed. I had no idea the latest shipment of Wii's was arriving right then but I just decided to wait and see if I could get my hands on one. I couldn't believe that they receive 5 Wii's and I was #4 in getting them. I walked out of there with my Wii and my Wii guitar hero (for my nephew Tyler) and I was so excited. It took everything for me not to tell Ryan what I got him but on Christmas Day we had a Wii party, it was awesome. We have started our collection of games and my favorite is bowling. Ryan's favorite is this Olympics game. We are starting to get pretty good playing it but no matter how good we get we will never beat the ultimate Wii Pro! DEVLIN DON WHITE is amazing at this game. He will beat anyone anytime. I have to say I feel like I really got the game for him since he plays it much more than Ryan or I.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm ready for summer! I hate putting my coats away then dragging them back out the next week. I hate that its still to cold to bring out the swimming pool. I want the sun shinning and I want to go camping and boating! Finals will be done next week. I cant wait, yet ill only have 2 weeks till summer school starts. Ill be taking a math and family relations class so I wont be to busy at least. Last night when we were putting Devlin to bed he gives me a hug and says "Make sure you have good dreams so you dont scream in your sleep." I have no idea where that came from but it made me laugh. My little brother is now in Mexico. I cant believe he has been out for almost 3 months.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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We are Home

Well we are back- Sadly! We had so much fun in Korea but it was definitely very hard to leave. I was ready to forget our little world here and stay but I guess I have to face reality and come home. We did something amazing everyday and I never was bored! I'm so in love with my nieces and my brother. I cant wait to see them again and I wish I could give them hugs everyday. I am now back into the crazed world. Finals are fast approaching and I'm not ready for them at all. I am throwing my sister in a law a baby shower this Saturday which I'm extremely excited for but it does involve a lot of preparation and I'm just busier than I can believe at work. I love my life! I cant wait for spring- I know its coming because our pool is slowly getting drained and you can see all the ugly moss crap stuck to the sides getting ready to get cleaned off! Its a beautiful sight.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I hope I come back!

Today is the last day ill write for a little while- well like a week is all. I'm going to Korea and we leave tomorrow! I am so unbelievably excited to see my Brother Ben his wife MyungLim and their 4 girls. I haven't seen my nieces in 3 years and I haven't seen the littlest one at all. I'm sure we will have many many adventures in such a different place so I'm make sure to capture them all in photos! I am so excited yet sad and worried at the same time. I know once it comes time to leave I don't know if ill be able to come back. My brother is one of my biggest hero's. Not only is he putting his life on the line everyday serving our country in the Army but he has always been such an amazing big brother to me even when he lives half way around the world. My family is the most important things in my life. My nieces and nephews show me a different world. Since I don't have my own children I get to see how perfect the world can be through my brothers and sisters kids. I am excited to share all the pictures and treasures of shopping Ill bring back but I really hope they days go by extra slow there and by some miracle I can bring the rest of my family back with me. Hope everyone has a safe and happy week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some of my family!

Last night Ryan and I had a really great night visiting new little Addison! She is such a beautiful baby I cant believe it. We have so much fun with all our nieces and nephews. My 2 sisters are getting ready to bring 2 more girls into our family. We really need a few more boys to balance us out! We both have great families. I miss my little brother Jonathan so much- He should be leaving for Mexico sometime within the next few weeks as soon as he gets his Visa! He seems to be doing really good so I just pray he is happy, healthy and safe. I think I was a little overwhelmed yesterday when I posted my blog I just wanted to say Devlin is not driving me to drink :) He is one of the best things in my life and I'm so grateful for every moment I get with him along with the rest of my friends and family. I cant believe how short life is- everyday is one less day to become a better person. I'm just so grateful I have so many people surrounding me in my life reminding me how important it is to live for today.


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