Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello 28 week mark!
Hello 3rd trimester!
Please be kind to me and go FAST!

Your baby is equal in weight to a Chinese cabbage about 2 1/4 pounds. (Length:almost 15 inches, from head to heel.)

Highlights of 2nd trimester:
- Holy Belly Growing
- "Child Bearing HIPS"
- NOTHING fits me
- New cravings every day
- Funny places to grow hair
- Frequent trips to the Lady's room
- Finding new ways to shave my legs and put on my socks
- No more squashing my tummy down to see whats below me- IT will only squish so far
- Watching baby GIRL roll around
- Felling baby GIRL workout
I cant wait for the next 12 weeks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend- update

After work we spend a few hours hanging out with my sister and her new "friend" We had so much fun talking and eating home made churros! YUMMY!!! Had to leave a bit early before I ate every last one of them.
After we got home we let Harley out to go to the bathroom. We didn't see our neighbor was outside with his 2 dogs until it was to late. Harley goes on her 20ft. chain so she doesn't run away but the other dogs were running wild on the other side of the fence. Poor Harley went nuts- Almost killing herself by trying to break free to join in the dog fun. Our neighbor is a really nice guy but like he said the first time he meet us "I'm the neighborhood drunk." There have been a few too many times we have witnessed his craziness- For a short story- Here is the most recent:
About a week ago Ryan and I were asleep in bed with our window open- all the sudden we could hear 2 people screaming at each other. Ryan goes to see whats the problem - our 2 neighbors are screaming at each other. The things they said were horrible. Pretty much saying there were going to do horrible things to the other. The neighborhood drunk wouldn't stop- even after the other guy closed his window. He kept standing out there screaming at nothing. We ended up laying there listening to him for at least another 5-10 min. after the other guy went back inside! We ended up laughing ourselves to sleep because it ended up being really funny.
Back to Friday:
Our little friend thinks its a good idea to throw his dogs over the fence to play with Harley. As Ryan and I are trying to catch Harley
(who has knocked both Ryan and I down 3-4 times by taking out our legs with her chain)
our drunk neighbor tries to climb the fence himself. He got caught and fell over it, landed on his back and just laid there for a while. Ryan and I are trying not to laugh and catch our crazy dog at the same time. Just as Ryan gets a hold of Harley to try and drag her back in the house she gets loose and out of her chain. Harley and the other dogs take off. They go on a joy run around the neighborhood. Ryan's running one way I'm running another and drunk neighbor is still laying on the ground. We finally catch up to the crazy animals and grab Harley who's legs at this point are covered in blood. I'm just a little panicked because I don't know what happened but Ryan grabs her and carrys her inside while I shove off the other 2 dogs (all the while our drunk neighbor has finally been able to stand up but is wondering away mumbling random things) We get Harley inside and lay her down to inspect the damage. We don't know if it was while she was running or while she was still on her chain trying to get to the dogs but she wore her nails almost completely off. She had a couple big cuts on her paws as well. It looked so painful. I sat in the kitchen with her and give her water to drink while trying to stop the bleeding. Ryan came back in after helping the drunk neighbor get his dogs back and we still couldn't stop the bleeding. We got out a big sheet and just laid with her trying to get her to lick her own feet to stop the blood. It took about an hour and it finally stopped. It has been so sad this weekend because she cant scratch herself so as soon as she lifts her leg to rub her ear she puts it right back down and just drags her head all over the ground until we run over to her and scratch her ear for her. She has been quite spoiled. She has been doing really good though and we are just keeping her calm and not letting her run, esp on the cement.
I spend most of the day making little girl clips for baby GIRL!
(Just a few)
I have so many now I think I need to start giving some away.
On Saturday night we went to the JAZZ game!

We got an awesome deal through my work to buy suite tickets for an great price. It was very sad they didn't win but we had a great time anyway.
I do have one complaint- My most favorite part of going to any sporting event is the cotton candy! Over the last few months I have been craving it- I tried to find some but everyone was sold out on Saturday. Lets just say I was a very dissatisfied customer!
Saturday night was the first night I couldn't sleep because of extreme discomfort. There has been a a few nights throughout this pregnancy that I have had to get up and move a bit but I'm fine after that but that night was horrible. My hips, back, and tummy all ached and wouldn't stop that night. Ah- the joys I will experience for the next 2 1/2 months.
Very relaxing day. Took a long walk to a park near by with the dog. Let her wonder on a big grass field. Had a great dinner that took forever to cook but it was worth it.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


My friend Mallory got married last Thursday! She looked so unbelievably beautiful. The reception was so much fun and the best part was just seeing how happy she is.
Her husband is such a great guy! YEAH MALLORY.
I got to see some of my great friends from High School. Everyone looked amazing!
(Although this isn't the best picture its the only one I could steal from Katie's Blog)

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Toy

Harley found herself a new toy!

This is my bath pillow that she found one morning. She carried it around for about a week then one day had a little to much fun with it and ripped it to shreds.

Late Easter

I know its been 2 weeks since Easter but I had to post these cute pictures of Addi's first real Easter Egg Hunt! We had a blast watching her find all the eggs all over the yard. You can tell this little girl runs the world when 6 people are flocking over her and having the time of our lives just watching her pick up stuff :)
She caught on so quick-
I cant wait till next year when Addi and Baby GIRL get to hunt for eggs together!

Walking was a little hard in the grass so Grandpa Webster pulled her in the wagon they gave her for Easter. She seemed to enjoy it!
OOPS! Until it breaks! Just a minor repair from Uncle Ryan and we are back in business!

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I am so happy this last weekend was full of SUN!
Baby GIRL has her room completely painted!
Its pink- very pink- almost a cotton candy pink (yeah its bright)
We still have a few other little things to add before its done but its well on its way.
Did I mention- only 93 days until her due date! HOORAY....

Matt Logelin

So I promised pictures of last weekend but I have found myself totally consumed with something else! I had the day off work last Monday- that meant
*Cleaning*playing with baby stuff*cooking*and the best part watching my favorite shows that I miss during the day like OPRAH!
Last Monday for those who missed it- the title was something like unforgettable Dads... So among the amazing Fathers who came on the show- One in particular stuck out... Matt Logelin... This story hit really really close and has completely changed my life over the last week :)
Matt started an online blog- sharing stories/trips of his wife Liz and himself. They became pregnant and soon had little Madeline. The day after Madeline was born Liz passed away. There obviously is MUCH more to this story. So Matt has taken on his father duties and writes pretty much daily of his life being a single Dad. I found his blog and haven't been able to do much other than consume myself in reading it. I had to start at the beginning... Catching up on this amazing mans life- I fell in love with everything about this family. I haven't been able to fully catch up- I'm still a few months behind but every chance I get I read.
I cant read at work because well- I CRY! I'm a huge baby. I sit there and many of his stories are so touching... some are hilarious... some make me think of my own little baby coming into this world and what it would be like if something happened to Ryan or myself. How hard it would be to raise this baby alone or to never have the chance to raise her. I really admire this guy. I know many many other people have become a widower or widow. I'm fascinated and intrigued at how they go on with life -Matt has written- "Sometimes I'm Not". That's how I feel. I have no idea how I could go on without my Ryan.
I could go on and on about this guy and I could go on and on about Ryan...
If any of you read his blog or watched the show let me know what you think...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


99 DAYS!!!
hope all had a wonderful spring Easter weekend...
Mine included... but not limited to...
painting the babies room
cleaning the house
cleaning the house again..
basked in the sunny sun
much needed dinner with bff and her hubby and babe who ryan is totally IN LOVE with
super fun egg hunts with our adorable niece Addi
a few sleepless nights
a jazz game
failed attempts at making baby legs
making baby legs (finally)
** pictures to come**

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Weeks

Your baby rivals the average rutabaga in weight -- about 1 1/2 pounds. (Length: 13 1/2 inches, head to heel.)

Another week down! I am now 25 weeks pregnant- YEAH!!!
Baby GIRL is growing lots and making me bigger and bigger in EVERY area :/
So far this 25 weeks has really been a whole new experience for me...

Some of the best:
*First and For most- its pretty awesome when she is moving and grooving in there. Even if it hurts
*I have been able to buy new clothes- most of which are much more comfortable than any other item of clothing I have ever owned- (I love you rubber band waist band :)
*People really are concerned and worried about you all the time. "Don't lift that" "Let me open the door for you"
*Buying baby things
*Watching my belly grow
*Today she must have caught her foot in my ribs because it was like something got stuck there then all the sudden it was the huge jolt and like a punch to my tummy right below my rib
*Ryan is so excited and I love how he tells me he cant wait till she gets here all the time
*My outlook on whats important, cool, fun, what I want in my future has dramatically changed and continues to everyday (makes me think I could be growing up)

Some of the not so best:
*Maternity clothes have come a long way but I am very picky about my clothes and its been very limiting for me- ESP since NO ONE sells maternity pants for the LONG legged
*It can get annoying when everyone thinks I cant do anything- I am more independent than you might think and when I want something done I want it done now and Ill do it myself :)
*Back hurts most of the time
*Finding it extremely hard to breath

Some of the WEIRD things:
*I seriously got dumber
*My vision has become very bad- I have always had good eyes but I not cant see anything now- don't even ask me to drive at night. I have been in far to many 'close ones'
*My anxiety has become very extreme
*Dreams are very real and very strange. I usually wake up crying
*My inny belly button is starting to no longer be an inny- many years ago when I was a silly teen I decided to get myself a bellybutton ring. I took it out around my Junior year in high school and the hole has never heeled. Right now you can see both ends of the once belly ring- 2 holes in the middle of my tummy. (weird and hard to explain how it looks)
*I have no more balance- I tend to tip over
*Really I have become much more dumb- I say the weirdest things and in the middle of a sentence I trail off on random words and shove them together. It leaves me with people just looking at me like I'm on drugs.

I really could go on and on about each list esp the WEIRD things :) Although its a little frustrating sometimes I couldn't be more happy with my life. I cant wait to hold my baby in my arms and be able to help her grow into an amazing person.
Yah for 25 weeks down and Yah for 15 more weeks to go.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It was a great weekend!

We had a fun weekend. Not many plans other than hanging out- doing a little organizing in the baby's room, cleaning the house and baking some yummy treats. My Mom had her annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. It was perfect weather for the kids to look for eggs and candy. They had lots of fun grabbing all they could. I keep telling my mom she needs to just have everyone pitch in a bag because with everyone getting bigger and more kids starting to join the hunt every year the candy doesn't go far. My baby was to little to participate in the hunt this year but you better believe next year she will come ready to rumble!
(Please don't comment on my pic. I'm putting it in here to show we are still alive and doing well but yes my face has ballooned up! eek... This has been more recent and scares me to see what else I have to look forward to over the next 3 months. I am retaining water so I just hope once she comes out of me- I can start shrinking down)

2 little girls

I think I could have twins if it was always fun and games like this!
Lucy and Teagan- only 2 months apart
Obviously Teagan is giant baby compared to little Lucy but they sure looked super cute playing together at Grandma Diane's Easter egg hunt.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

I am not very good at playing tricks so nothing up my sleeve! Boring...

24 Weeks!

24 Weeks! I am now well over half way done. I am almost able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and things are going GREAT! Baby GIRL is growing wonderfully and each doctor apt we go to Dr. Happy (my super enthusiastic, all smiles, the world is full of pony's and new baby's- OB) he talks about how strong her heart is and how she is growing right on schedule! We had a few different tests that have all come back completely normal- I have more coming up at my next apt which requires me to go into the Dr. Happy's office 2 days in a row to drink some stuff- get blood tested- then come back for the results.
* I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much I HATE needles and getting any kind of shot... I know being pregnant means "Hello needles, my name is Kendra and we will be spending lots of time getting to know each other"
So at 24 weeks- Baby GIRL is...

Your baby has caught up with an ear of corn in size and gained about 1/4 pound since last week. (Length: almost a foot.)
She is getting big- I can feel her moving around me a lot lately. Everyone kept telling me before I could feel her what it will feel like and that its soo cool- I just have to say- YES once I realize that feeling inside me that feels like someone is ripping my stomach open is my baby, I smile and get excited- but before then- come on, it kinda hurts and usually makes me nauseated! (I am loving every moment she moves though)
Baby GIRL's room is coming along pretty good- I have said since the beginning I want her room done by May. Now that we are into April my poor hubby realizes he needs to speed things up a bit. We do have some things like this super cute dresser

Before Ryan's Grandma passed away (2 weeks to be exact) she kept telling us how she wanted to buy our baby her bed. We were lucky enough to be given an old one from my sisters friend so I kept thinking that was fine and didn't want her to waste her money. Well she insisted her Grand baby was NOT going to sleep on an old bed so we made the outing to find a bed at USA Baby. Our trip consisted of... Walking into the store- going straight to this bed she previously spotted-falling in love with it-buying it and leaving within I would say 10 min. We had to wait a week to get it because they didn't have it in stock. Ryan and I came back the next week picked it up and put it together that night. I LOVE this bed. Its going to be so perfect for baby GIRL to grow with and will always have a piece of her Great Grandma.

Here is the bed- except ours is white.

Last weekend we went to register at

and last night we went to register at

We also got her paint to paint her room. She has going to have PINK walls (what else :)
Just and FYI- I am very indecisive- The previous bedding I bought from Pottery Barn just didn't look like I thought it would and I didn't really love it so I took it back. I have since found a bedding set I just love- picture to come when her room is all done!
Things are super crazy yet so exciting right now. With some really hard days the last little while I cant help but make myself see all the great days we have ahead of ourselves. We think we have officially picked out her name- We are trying to keep it somewhat of a secret for a while until we are a bit more comfortable with it and know FOR SURE it will be her name...


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