Wednesday, October 29, 2014



(ma zip it)
Goodness its getting chilly around these parts. We kinda love it because we are hoping for snow. but if last year is any indication what this year will be... We are gearing up for the next several months being freezing cold with ice everywhere and no snow. (kind of my least favorite thing)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Park Dates

I am all about finding new places to explore here in the Tri-Cities so when we heard from more than one person about this park we knew we had to check it out. There was a fun playground but was definitely for older kids (Ryan and I enjoyed ourselves). We played there for a while before walking down to the river. The boys threw rocks and got slightly wet. We went there because we heard there was a really pretty walking trail which there was. My phone died before right after the river so Ill have to go back another time to take pictures of how pretty the trail was. It went on for a while which was good because we got to wear out Tracker before his nap. Ryan doesn't make it to the park with us all that often and he is always amazed what new thing Tracker will do, how he isn't afraid of something anymore or how he will climb or jump higher.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Bucket List... part 1

Checking off our Fall Bucket List is never a problem for me. My most favorite time of year and always full of our favorite things to do. We have well over half the items crossed off already and I can't wait to continue finishing the list through November. I have been trying harder lately to not take as many pictures and live in the moment more. So that means I am not taking 1000 pictures a day but more like 500. Ryan is still not pleased. He would be fine with 1 picture once a year. 
Here is a chunk of our fun activities... 
(seriously thank God for Tracker because he makes everything a lot more fun)


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