Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Baby Girl...

Our bags are packed and ready to go. Your carseat is in the car, straped in and ready to go. Daddys guy trip is over and he is home. Momi has not slept in 2 nights because of horrible back pain.
We are all ready for you Miss. MRW
I know you will come when you're ready but please speed the process up a little and dont make us wait to much longer to hug and kiss you!

Harley cant wait to meet you either! She keeps trying to snuggle on my tummy-but she doesnt know what to think when you kick her...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

36 Week + 1 day

So at my last Doc. apt he said your job for this week is to do some serious contracting... HMMM... I must have missed reading how to do that in all those pregnancy books.
Since I cant really physically do anything to help those along I have been talking to this little GIRL telling her she already has a to-do list and really needs to get started on it.
Cross my fingers that something will have progressed by next Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

We had a great Fathers Day weekend!Although Baby GIRL is not here yet Ryan is still my baby Daddy so he got to celebrate this year for the first time too! I am so grateful for such an amazing husband and soon to be Daddy to our little GIRL. Ryan is always doing something new to surprise me and never ceases to amaze me everyday. This pregnancy and transition into soon to be parenthood is really not what either of us expected. He has been such a rock for me and always makes me feel better no matter what happens. I still have to pinch myself when I think about being the lucky one to have Ryan be the father to my children. It’s the dreams I have had my whole life come true x 1000!Harley and the Baby gave Ryan a tree stand for hunting!
Although he hasn’t been able to get out into the wood and really break it in he has been climbing trees in our neighborhood everyday.

Ryan and I went to see The Hangover on Saturday night. I have to say I was surprised by how much I really like this show. I still have a few scenes stuck in my head that just crack me up anytime I think about it.

On Sunday we took a trip to the ZOO. It was so much fun to see all the animals. Addi was big enough to get really excited about all the different things she saw so it made it that much better!

Ryan got a little tiered throughout the day and kept finding ways to rest a bit. First he would 'ride' down any and every hill. Then he attached the waggon to his belt loop to pull it up the hills.
We are both so grateful for the Dad in our life. Ryan’s Dad is just amazing. He always has so much love for everyone and is the best Grandpa in the world. I can’t wait for our baby to pay with him and for him to teach her all those little things I don’t want him to :) I couldn’t imagine not having Randy in my life. There are time when I haven’t seen him in a few days when I just miss him so much. I know Ryan feels the same. Good thing they work together so he gets to see him almost every day. They are best buds and forever will be.
Happy Fathers Day!


My amazing sister Lisa made this adorable blanket for our GIRL. I cant get over how much I love it!

This bench has been in my family for years and years... It’s been beat up and thrown around- I decided she needed to have it in her room so here it is... I sanded it down and repainted it myself!

This picture doesn’t do justice to how amazing this doll house/book shelf is that Ryan built. It turned out better than I imagined and it’s exactly what I wanted.
I can’t wait until our little GIRL gets to play with it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

35 1/2 Weeks!

33 days or 4 1/2 Weeks or 1 Month
until we get to meet our beautiful baby GIRL.

There she is in there.
I can’t tell you how awesome the last 2 weeks have been feeling her. Its totally different than it was a month ago. I can feel her little foot or hand stick out. I can grab it and feel how tiny it is. She even tickles me. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like someone is doing that motion 'tickle tickle' like you do with little kids and move your fingers. (It’s hard to explain)
I have only known her to have the hicups once. She may have it more but I try to pay attention to what she is doing in there and only one time did I feel those little jerks for a long period of time.
I don’t think I have dropped at all yet. I still feel her bum way up in the right side of my ribs. Same place its been for the last 8 months. My doctor said she is head down right now and prob. won’t be moving the other way so HOORAY! Hope she stays that way and I can have a regular delivery- Hope she isn’t like me and decides to come out butt first :)
I went to the doctor on Wednesday (yes im now going every week) he checked me to see if she is planning on coming anytime soon- NOPE... There is NOTHING going on down there! Im okay with that for now. Ryan is going on a last minute guys trip next weekend so I was very nervous she could come while he is gone. Our Dr. said he would be TOTALLY shocked if she came in the next 2 weeks. Good thing he will still carry his cell phone AT ALL TIMES and will only be a few hours away so he can rush home if needed.

BABY ROOM - The Beginning

For the last few months Ryan and I have been working so hard to make this little space comfortable and fun for our little Girl. When we moved in we realized throughout our whole house the previous owner’s didn’t know good color from bad and didn’t know how to paint. Our front room was bright green, our kitchen was bright purple and our bathroom on the main level (which we still haven’t been able to get around to repainting) is some weird purple/silver sponge paint job. Our bedroom (which we still have not been able to paint yet) is a strange blue color. The hall when we first moved in was polka dots- yes that has been painted. So has our kitchen and front room. We are slowing getting it all done! The baby’s room- which was an office to the previous owners is a gray blue. It doesn’t sound bad and these pictures don’t do justice to how ugly this color was. Not only that- They only half painted. There were giant patches where they just didn’t paint. They also had some kind of coke fight because there is coca cola splatter marks all over every wall- No matter how much we scrubbed we couldn’t get them off so we painted over them. After a few coats you couldn’t even tell they were there!

Here are the before pictures of her room. The ceiling was also an ugly off white almost yellow color. (MAN those people seriously need some color help)


I cant say enough how much I LOVEEE my job. Not only my job but the people I work with. I am an executive assistant to the best boss in the world + 2. They make work enjoyable, challenging and exciting every day. The other people I work with are equally amazing. They go out of their way to see how im doing and feeling all the time. They help me with anything I need and everyone has been so supportive about me going out for 12 weeks on maternity leave.
Well yesterday this awesome group of people surprised me with a BABY SHOWER! I had NO idea anything was even being planned. I walked into the room full of great friends who all showered me with love and support- along with great food and great gifts.
Some of the things I was spoiled with...

+ adorable clothes and tons of bath stuff

Thursday, June 18, 2009


our DBOY is growing up so fast. June 16 he turned the big # 6!!! he came last week for a long visit that was much needed. since I got pregnant i have to say our visits are not what they used to be so when he comes and has a long visit we fill it up with as much as we can do. since his birthday was the last day he was with us we had a mini party just for Devlin. He was so excited to pick out all the treats he wanted and that it was a day just for him. he wanted a rice crispy cake, ice cream cones with sprinkles and strawberry syrup and fudge popsicles. i think his favorite part was the rice crispy cake. he couldnt stop talking about that. when he blew out the candles he got so shy and wouldnt look at anyone. after he came to me and said
"i was embarrassed to blow out my candles, i havent done that in like a year!"

ahh... this kid seriously cracks me up!

childbirth class

Last weekend we completed our childbirth class.
* We both learned a few things- I was more surprised by some things than Ryan was even though I have read the books already.
* I thought at one point, Hmm... Do I really want to do this? Is it to late to turn back?
* Got a little scared learning what is going to really be happening with my body
(Seriously- the stork doesn't drop her off at the end of 9 months?)
* Ryan only fell asleep once! hehe... (It was during one of the birthing videos)
* The only thing that really kept me from getting up and running out in tears a few times was Ryan grabbing my hand and knowing he will be there with me.
* The other thing that kept me from running out of there in tears was when we went by the nursery. Seeing those little babies made me realize I will be getting a little tiny, amazing present when this is all over and she is going to be totally worth it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

potty break anyone?

100 Oz.
That's how much water my Doctor said I need to start
drinking a day!
So far today I have been able to get in almost 50...
I have been really good about drinking 60 oz since I became pregnant- Adding 40 oz more really doesn't sound like a lot but when your in the restroom half your day as it is...
HELLO! I hope within the next week or so my body can start to adjust to the extra amount of water.
PS... This is 100 oz of JUST WATER... That doesn't include the Milk and other liquids I still need to be drinking.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Going on 33 weeks!

Almost 33 weeks!
Wow the time is seriously going by fast.
The anxiety is still going crazy but its now- sooo excited and so ready to the next minute being so scared and sooo not ready :)
Guess that happens with being a first time Mom.
The belly is growing and so is Baby GIRL. She is moving A LOT. She has even tickled me. It was the weirdest/coolest feeling.
I am still not sleeping to great but I think I'm just getting prepared for the sleepless nights to come. My energy is hit and miss. Some days ill be ready to run a marathon and others I can barely walk to the kitchen.
Cooking has been my greatest weakness- I was fine to cook and even got my baking on for a few weeks but in the last week or so- I don't feel up to doing any of that. Good thing I have an awesome husband who actually likes to cook and does an awesome job at it!
Her name is pretty much final now but we are still not releasing it just in case.
We have a doctor apt tomorrow and it will be the last apt. before we start going every 2 weeks.
Her room is almost finished. Ryan has neglected to bring his drill home from work for a few weeks now and I just need to get her shelf hung up. He is starting on making her doll/book shelf this week. I cant wait for it all to be done!

Here is the belly at 32 weeks.

I'm so glad our pool has opened because I have been dieing to go swimming!

For those Moms out there or those who are pregnant can you relate to me when I say advice sometimes is really just UNWANTED? What I mean is those people who come to you with off the wall comments that almost make you well- punch them in the face? Okay that's a little pregnancy craziness coming through but man! I can only hear so many times how I HAVE to raise my baby a certain way and how I HAVE to do this or that a certain way. Now to all those reading this blog- I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to those who don't know anything about my life, family or lifestyle. Its funny how they know me just because I have a watermelon belly- these are those same people that come up and CARESS my belly. Not touch it but pretty much jump on top of me and mall my belly :)

Our last little cabin get-a-way!

Another weekend getaway for the Websters!
Ryan and I are filling up our weekends before this little GIRL comes and this was the last weekend we could go down to the cabin as a family of 3...

There was limited working- esp my me :)

Ry did manage to complete this awesome bench!

We had such a blast just being alone and away together. Time is ticking and we wont have many more of these little experiances left. We really couldnt have had a better weekend together.
We tried to keep the fire going...

and with a little gas

it was roaring!

Harley loved her sticks and even found a few furry friends to play with...
We didn't get any pictures because by the time we saw who her new friend was- it was not a pretty sight. Harley's little friend was a chipmunk. (RIP)

Our last cabin picture with this belly and just the 2 of us!

Memorial Weekend - Picture Update

Over Memorial weekend Ryan's Family always goes down to the Cabin to open it up for the Summer season. Last year we were snowed in most of the time and almost froze to death but this year for the most part was great weather!
Some of our highlights:
** Boys will be Boys. Shawn and Ryan found any opportunity they could to shot their bows. This is the "WT" tree stand :)

** We took a drive to this place with a cool cave.
No one dared to go down into it.

** Addi kept us entertained the whole time. This girl has such an adorable personality. This is her "HULK" impression!

Harley loved her- Maybe a little to much at times.

** Just like last year or anytime we go camping Harley found her fair share of sticks and rocks to chew on.

** There are a few dead trees very close to the cabin- to avoid anything falling and crushing the cabin the boys stay on top of cutting them down and chopping it into fire wood. Now cutting down trees are more of a sport for these boys. Trying to impress each other to cut it down the fastest and this year- they had a target to try and hit!
Your seeing that right- Its an old car! This thing has been broken down and left up there for years now. It serves as a great paint ball target (if you can see the back of it has been painted a lovely shade of pink)

As the trees were falling they were trying to smash the good ol' travel haul~
After 3 attempts and all 3 trees getting stuck by other trees....

They missed it by INCHES!

Ry hauling off the fire wood- (He is sitting like that to balance out the weight- I thought it looked a little funny)
** I think their favorite part had to be the guys trips out on their 4 wheelers.
boys only + woods + power machines = BLISS


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