Thursday, September 5, 2013

11 Month Favorites

Zizzy Bee Bags: I get the BLUUM box every month and these zizzy bee bags were in them last month. They are awesome. Its nice to have something to throw snacks, toys or clothes into. I want to order more so I can use them when I pack for my things.
Swimways Baby swim Float with Canopy: Tracker would live in this thing if he could. Well he would live in the water maybe not the floaty. I love this particular floaty because of the mesh. I like that its less likely to spring a leak, we can play rough with it and Tracker can bite at it as much as wants. I love the canopy. It really helps keep the sun off him.
Parum Pum Pum Drum: Tracker is all about banging on everything. This is such a fun toy to bang and shake. I love all of toys in this line from Target. They are so cute and so well made. 
Child Camelbak: I love my camelbak. Tracker has come to love it as well so we got him one of his own and he loves it. I was surprised he was able to drink out of it since you have to bite it in order to get something out but he can. I love that it doesn't leak.
Ella's Kitchen Cookies: Tracker gobbles them up. He cant get enough. They are easy for him to hold and eat. I love everything in Ella's Kitchen.
Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals: This will keep T busy for hours. I open them and T closes them over and over. A classic toy that every child should own.
Leather Hackey Sack: Tracker is obsessed with balls. Any kind and any size. We have found hackey sack balls are the best for his tiny chubby hands. He can throw them, carry them all around and are the perfect little size.


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