Friday, August 27, 2010

31 in 31... day 19

Day 19 Kendras Picture
I love my doggies. 
This picture is very misleading. It makes Milo look small. WHICH he is NOT. He is a monster. He is heavy and massive. Harley is now our LITTLE dog. She is my lap doggie that I cuddle with. Milo is an ogre. He runs around like a puppy but with 70+ lbs on him. He leaves many bruises, scratches and makes us all scream in terror when he is running around. These 2 love each other though. I'm not sure if they are lovers or siblings. I would say siblings but then Milo does some very NOT sibling things to Harley.  We have to scold him on a regular basis... What can you do- He is all BOY!

Day 19 Ryans Pictures
Have I ever explained I live with a child? Yes a 26 year old boy. He is messy, dirty, smelly, doesn't clean, constantly getting into trouble, rebellious and eats all our food.  He is pretty cute though. So ill let him stay.
His picture for day 19 was this dumb stupid helicopter that he had to buy. We got one for him and one for my brother Ben when he was staying with us. They were on "SALE" 2 for $50! HELLO. for a toy. I wasn't happy about it but finally agreed. We got those dumb things home, ripped open the boxes and found one to be broken and the other to work semi okay.  It goes up and down. It has a light. and... that's about it. I bet that looks like so much fun - your going to run out and get one for yourself right?! argh. Ill sell you this one. Buy one get one free :)


Alerie said...

My husband and some of his friends bought little helicopters like this before!! ha ha any boys ever grow up? I don't think so!! BUT I think that is part of the reason we love them!!

Linds said...

:) Randy has a helicopter.


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