Thursday, August 26, 2010

23 years old

August 25 was one of the first words I ever said when I was a baby. I loved my birthday. It was my day all about me. 1 year older. Growing up it was my favorite day. So this year was a big surprise for everyone when I said I didnt want to do anything for my birthday this year... I was not in a party movie and I just didnt want to turn another year older. I keep thinking how its not fair. I get to have another birthday, turn 1 year older and Makenzie cant. She never got to grow up. I just couldnt get last years birthday out of my mind. Thinking how amazing life was and how lucky I am to have that life so young in life. Now I cant believe this is my life and im the age I am.  I told Ryan months ago, I dont want to do anything for my birthday. I dont want a party or anyone over. Nothing was planned other than Ryan cooking.  Its a good thing I have family that doesnt really listen to me :) He invited his partents and my sister A over. We ate yummy ribs. Let lots of balloons go. Opened gifts. and Laughed.  Earlier that day I was showered with lots of Happy Birthdays and lunch from my bosses at work. + a special rootbeer cake delivered to my desk! Im so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. They make me so happy and know I can always count on them for everything.


Tara Bennett said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! You have definitely been through a lot in your 23 years.... Glad your family didn't listen to you and you had a birthday filled with love and laughter. Love you. xo

Alerie said...

Happy Birthday Kendra!! I'm glad you got surprised and everyone came to celebrate with you and I'm glad people at work made you feel special. You deserve it!! Much love!!

Jae Marie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm only 3 years older than you *in 5 days! woohoo Virgos!!* but I am starting to feel like saying anyone under 25 is just "so young!"lol. I remember 23 starting to feel old... it was like.... we'd passed all the big milestones... 16, 18, 21... and now all we have is getting old.

Then you look back and feel like in such a short time you have lived 2 or 4 lifetimes and you've barely even been here that long yourself *me with losing my fiance and your loss of Baby Kenzie*

Crazy how time moves... sometimes it moves slow *it was just yesterday that our loved ones were here* and sometimes it moves so fast *am I really turning THIS age already!? where has the time gone*

It's so crazy!! But anyhoo!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! VIRGOS RULE!!! and I'm happy your family didn't listen to you too!!!


Robin said...

Hey girly you are 24 arnt you?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!! I wish you a year of happiness!!

Emma said...

I am so glad you family doesn't listen either and that you were able to have a day filled with love and laughter-you deserve it! It sounds like a great way to spend your bday, and the Root Beer Cake....I have to try that!!! Hugs,Em (PS Bruce would have been teh same as Ryan with the helicopter-he bought one last year and on it's first flight ended up on our roof and came down months later with the snow!)

Joe and Kirstin said...

I guess it is time for me to come out as one of your phantom readers. I have been reading you blog for a little while. I have been touched by your story. Your daughter is so incredibly cute, and you are such an amazing mom!! You are so amazing by still doing all you can for her, including you being happy even though she is not on earth, even if it is increadably difficult.

Why I choose to un-hide myself now is because August 25th is my birthday as well, and I also just turned 23! You have done so much in your 23 years then I feel like I have done in mine. You are an incredible person. I know you posted it a while ago, but I am going to do the 31 days of pictures too. I feel keeps life happy instead of dwelling on what we cannot change. Like you loosing your daughter and me with infertility. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You and your husband are a great inspiration to me.

Tiff@ny said...

Sorry this is late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlie!!! =) Hope you had a wonderful day. I am so glad Ryan and your family didn't listen to you and gave you a little bash anyways. =)

It is so crazy to me how I have always felt like we kind of have similar personalities just from reading your blog and the more I read the more I feel this way. Maybe it is because we are both Virgos! =) My bday is the 27th but I am an old lady compared to you! =) I just turned 26! hehe. Well I guess 3 years is not a big deal! Anyways hope you had a wonderful day! I sent a package with some leggins yesterday so you should be getting it soon.



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