Friday, August 20, 2010

31 in 31... day 13

Day 13 Kendra's Picture
what more can i say?
doesn't everyone have a toy story supperhero with incredible bug glasses running around?
this was kenzie's man. he has grow so much. every time i see him he changes.
i could squash him. because. he is very yummy.
hope he doesn't mind my crazy obsession with him when he is a teenager.

Dya 13 Ryan's Picture
hmm. dogs. ryan really loves them. i like them.
well- i love harley. milo is still milo.
the step child.
poor milo. i really feel bad for him. he looks at you with that big bear face and you cant help but melt.
but then he does something like chew up 2 pairs of heels in one night.
 or pees all over the tile at the bottom of the stairs- on a day im rushing to get out the door and --
you guessed it-- i slip and fall in that lake he just made.
or he will do things like attack me when i have just filled up a big bowl of ice cream - again -
causing it to fly all over my pants. argh.

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