Monday, May 13, 2013


Although my blogging on this here blog has decreased I am still rather attached to it and the amazing friends and followers I have made. Some of you have moved over to the new blog but many have not. So sorry there are creepers out there and this even had to happen. In the past few months I have had several emails asking various questions and request to do another Q&A. I debated for a while but decided I really do love this blog and don't want to lose all the relationships I have built so its necessary for me to keep up on it as much as possible and also follow through with a few requests from you all. So first up.... Q&A... next, ill be doing a few tutorials on making Baby food. Those have been the top requests so hopefully that will be something to look forward to!

Like the past Q&A's.. This gives you a chance to ask me anything and ill do my best to answer.
Just leave a comment and ill get around to posting the answers hopefully next week.

People we are 4 days away from the movers coming to pack our stuff. 5 days away from it being loaded on a moving truck. and 11 days away from loading up our truck and heading to our new home. and yet I  am still not convinced it will happen. Denial? but pretty excited for whats to come.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We are getting closer to moving.

Next week everything we own. Everything we treasure. Every item in our house will be boxed up.
It will be put on a truck.
It will be moved 622 miles away.
To a place that is new. To a place we don't know. To a whole to beginning.
and I am scared.
I am scared to be away from my family.
I don't know what I am going to do not having my sister 2 minutes away.
I don't know what I am going to do being away from my mom.
I don't know what I am going to do being so far away from Makenzie.
I cant wait to be with Ryan again. To be together and not have to spend so much time apart.
but there is so much we are leaving here.
A house we have lived in for over 6 years.
Our first place.
We were so excited when we found it. We were just married and searching everywhere for a place to call home. I fell in love and said I would do anything to get it.
We have spent 6 years of our life here.
We experienced our first year of marriage here, our first real fight, our first party, our first pet, our first furniture purchase, our first stay-cation, our first house guest, our first major repair, our first summer vacation. We brought our first baby girl home here. We planned a nursery, we baby proofed, we rearranged everything to fit her stuff, we stayed up late, we got up early, we spent days out front, we rocked her, we slept next to her crib, we worried, we feared, we lost sleep here. Its where we lived the hardest days of our life. Its were we couldn't go upstairs, its where we cried in corners, where we spent days inside, where we hung pictures, where we stayed up all night watching videos of her. Its where we learned to live again. Where we learned how to love, grieve, communicate, grow, pray. Its where we went through really hard times. Its where we thought life couldn't get any worse. Its where we hit rock bottom. Its where we learned to find the good. Its where we crawled out of the dark hole. Its where we learned there was hope. That hope was on his way. We decorated her room for him. We made room for his things. We welcomed our son. Its where we experienced light, happiness and a whole different kind of love.
These walls have some of the most beautiful, most incredible days of our lives. They also hold some of the most painful and hopeless as well. It holds our life.
I am thankful for our home. For the beautiful life we have lived. I feel lucky to have been able to have found such a home and to have shared it with the loves of my life.
I am sick knowing it will no longer belong to us.
I am scared at what will come next.
I have to force myself to not curl up in the corner and cry for days.
Its hard.
but luckily the most important parts of this house are coming with me.
We will make a new home and I know it will be hard to leave there.
This house just holds the life of Makenzie.
I can still see her here.
Memories everywhere.
This will be hard.


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