Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa Claus

We took Tracker to see Santa at the beginning of December. He was the best Santa. Seriously the real deal. but we had to wait a couple hours and Tracker was not that happy to sit on his lap once he finally got the chance. Plus I didn't bring Kenzie's picture so we had to go again.
We went on Christmas Eve and it was perfect because he had just returned from lunch and we were first in line. So we were in and out in no time so Tracker was a pretty happy (not crying at least) boy.

Love my babies.

Christmas Party

My Mom works so hard to put together a great Christmas party every year.
Its full of traditions, a packed house and lots of memories made.
It seems every year our family gets bigger and bigger.
This year there was 2 new additions.
Willow and Tracker
Cutest little monsters.
I love being together with everyone. With such a big family it can be hard to get everyone together.
We sure missed my brother and sister and their families who live out of state and couldn't make it.
The night was full of food, treats, gifts, laughing, Christmas movies, raisin grab, snuggling Tracker, running around and listening to the story of baby Jesus.

Grandma Diane and Jesse got all the boys matching Jazz Jerseys. 
They were all in heaven.

The traditional raisin grab. I know it looks very weird to most but its something we have always loved. It comes from my Grandmas family and its always been something they have done for years and years so my Mom has just carried on the tradition with all of us.
You lay out raisins and poor brandy on it and light it on fire. 
When the lights go you you then grab the raisins out of the fire. 
The one who gets the most raisins win.
I know it doesn't seem like the best thing to teach kids. Play with alcohol and fire. 
But the alcohol burns off the raisins really quickly and the fire goes out almost the second you pick it up so no one has ever been burned or gotten drunk off eating the raisins after.

Seriously getting a decent picture of this many kids is near impossible.
Believe it or not--- this was the best of like 20.

I put Tracks jammies on after the party had died down and realized they are just a bit snug. He has never worn these. Not once. They are 3-6 month. His cousin goes to hold him and sit him down and he busts open. I seriously cant believe how fast he is growing.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


...Mini Getaway with Ryan's family...
Board Games
Hours of Jenga
Lots of treats
Hot tub
Swimming more
Park City
Sitting by the fire
Walking around the grounds
Staying bundled


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