Monday, August 16, 2010

31 in 31... day 9

Day 9 Kendra's Picture
it was Kenzie Day and this lil girl kept loving on me. I cant resist her chubbiness. She wouldn't smile for the picture but wouldn't stop smiling after. She is yummy and I love her.

Day 9 Ryan's Picture.
I'm still crying about this. During our Kenzie Day festivities we locked the doggies in our bedroom so they wouldnt be in the way of the kids and run away with the constant open door.  Harley probably laid on our bed shaking uncontrollably because she thought she was in trouble and patiently waited until the door opened to dart out as fast as possible.
Milo however- is a freak!
He was paranoid he would miss a minute of fun. Determined as a lioness hunting a baby gazell- he tried to dig his way out of that horrible room he was trapped in.
Might I remind you--- We JUST replaced the carpet in our WHOLE house less than 2 months ago.
I came upstairs to change my clothes after our water fun and saw this...

I screamed in horror. Ryan came running.
He dug through the whole freaking carpet down to the ground + he chewed on our door in another desperate attempt to free himself.  I was livid. Then I started panicking because I have no idea how we will replace that piece of carpet without replacing the whole room. All the expenses that we don't have right now started racing through my mind. I almost passed out. He is dang lucky he has that sweet puppy dog face still which softened my heart a little. Ryan and I took a breath, collected ourselves and made our way back downstairs to drowned our self in the company of our family and enjoyed the rest of Kenzie Day.
We forgot about the GIANT hole and said we would just wait and think about it on Monday.


Katrina said...

A good carpet layer can patch that if you have any leftover scraps or can purchase just a little bit more.

shantelle Long said...

My husband is a carpet installer, and can fix that up easily. Just so you know.
Shantelle Long


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