Thursday, April 30, 2015

Harley & Tracker

These 2 are always playing together. Wrestling. Chasing each other. Jumping. Kissing. Throwing and catching balls. Its so funny how much they love each other. Their most favorite activity??? Blowing bubbles together. Tracker laughs and laughs and Harley doesn't stop until the last bubble is popped. She looks so a little mean at times but is so gentle and so sweet with Track. If she gets too close accidentally she immediately stops and nuzzles him to make sure he is okay. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garth Brooks Concert... aka: All Ryans dreams coming true!

We have been going back and forth where we will see Garth Brooks on his world tour. He is only announcing dates 2-3 months out so we are not sure all the places he will be going to. We have heard rumors he will be going to Utah which would be ideal because our issue is who will watch Tracker. 
When we found out he was coming to Portland we thought about flying my Mom to Washington to babysit but ended up deciding against that mainly because that would still mean we would be leaving him which we don't want to do. We talked about flying my mom to Portland but didn't do much about it. All the sudden it was 2 weeks away from the concert and I just had a feeling I should get the tickets and we had to go. My sisters- sister (Remember we are a combined family) lives in Portland so I asked if she would watch Track just while we were at the concert. She is the sweetest girl and agreed to watch him. It was a short trip since we didn't really plan for it. We took off early Saturday morning. Taking our time and driving the scenic roads. We stopped at Multnomah falls and wondered around a bunch of other waterfalls around there. We headed into downtown Portland just in time for the food trucks to open for lunch. We all got something different and every single item was so delicious. We wondered the streets walking up and down each one stopping in some shops and dogging the rain. We decided to try out the Aquarium there thinking it must be amazing since its Portland.... WRONG.... It was seriously so lame. I'm sorry if you love that aquarium but goodness we were disappointed. We ended up leaving and going to a pet store because Tracker was able to see more fish there. We did some shopping later and grabbed some food. We checked into the hotel and went swimming before bed.
We checked out early the next morning to do more exploring. We wanted to try one of the restaurants we saw on Diners, Drive ins and Dives but the wait was 2 hours. I'm sure it was amazing but goodness- no thanks. We actually found another place just down the road that was on the show as well and the wait was only minutes. The food ended up being AMAZING. I am still dreaming about their biscuits.. and I'm not a huge biscuit fan.
We wondered around some neighborhoods for a few hours. Did a little walking and lots of driving. Then headed to the Rose Gardens. We walked around and around until we found this fun playground. 
Tracker had a blast and wouldn't leave. He loves all playgrounds and would stay for as long as we allow and never want to leave. This was no exception. We normally keep playground trips under 2 hours since I have other plans or things to do but this time we just hung out and let him play and play.... 4 hours people! I was playground out! Seriously I was done. We had to eventually go because we needed to get Track dropped off at Mckensies house by 2:00- although you can see in the pic below he was not happy about leaving the park. I was so nervous leaving him to go to the concert. I really should leave him more but it rarely happens. I shouldn't have even thought twice because Mckensie and Brad showed him the time of his life. 
The concert started at 4:00 but we got there about 2:40. We waited in line to get in and then waited in line to buy a tshirt and than waited in line for a drink. We sat in our seats at 4:05 finally and the show began minutes after we sat down. It was the BEST concert. We were singing and dancing and had the time of our lives. Ryan has been a HUGE Garth Brooks fan since he was a little. Like he would kiss his poster at night (slightly creepy) but precious. The concert was a little over 2 hours but the time flew by. I wish we would have bought tickets to the 8:00 showing as well just so we could hear it all again. We waited in the parking lot for over an hour to get out. AHH! We picked up Tracker and hit the road home. We are about 4 hours from Portland so it wasn't a terrible drive but we were both a little tired to begin with so it seemed to take longer to get home. We both worked Monday which made for a long day but SOOOO worth it. Now we are just hoping he really does go to Utah and we can see his concert there as well.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Harkness Visit

We were beyond excited when Ben & Alana & kids came for a quick visit on their way home from a trip. Track was waiting anxiously or his cousins and was in heaven the entire time they were here. We made all the typical visitor stops. Carousel, between the bun, Howard Amon park... They wanted to see the movie HOME so we decided to go see that. I worried it would be a disaster for Tracker since he doesn't sit through any movie that doesn't involve Lightning McQueen, Woody and Buzz or Dusty. Surprisingly he LOVED it. He sat so still right in between Tyler and Ellie the entire time. He at his popcorn and didn't take his eyes off the screen. It was pretty adorable. 
They were only able to stay for a day but it was the absolute BEST day.


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