Sunday, August 29, 2010

special birthdays

so today was a special day because we celebrated not 1 but 2 fabulous women. probably the most important women in the world. our mothers.
my moms bday was 2 days ago and ryans moms bday is today.

becky-ryans mommy- oh how we love you. you are such a beautiful person inside and out. thank you for giving me my husband- my better half. thank you for then being a part of my daughter. without you she wouldn't have been. thank you for always loving us. supporting us. encouraging us. ryan is a mamas boy and forever will be. you have him wrapped around your finger! thank you for being my mother. thank you for guiding me. thank you for being a part of our life. we love you to pieces.
happy happy birthday.

diane-kendras mom- my love. i just adore you. everyone that knows you does. thank you for being our mom. thank you for always being there for us. you have the best heart and the sweetest spirit. i cant imagine life without you. ryan thanks you for being my mom- for helping me become the person i am today :) thank you for being apart of our makenzie. thank you for all your unconditional love.
happy happy birthday

ps. i made those cupcakes. so i did get my baking fix in.


Linds said...

OH happy day. What wonderful lovely women. That cake and cupcakes look divine. Yum.

Tara Bennett said...

Gorgeous cake for Becky. Adorable cupcakes for your mommy.... love that cupcake stand! Happy Bday to two pretty amazing women. So glad you have them.

Candace said...

You are so talented those cupcakes look AMAZING!


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