Wednesday, August 11, 2010

31 in 31... Day 5

Day 5 Kendra's Picture
I was laying on the cement outside. It was late. I wasn't sleepy. The stars sounded so tempting. So I laid there, surrounded by them. I sang to her. Song after song. I tried to take a picture of all the stars but nothing came out. So here's the street light. The dogs were with me, you know- just in case someone tried to attack the poor white girl laying in the middle of the road- I made them keep watch.
If someone was watching me they probably thought I was high on drugs because I kept reaching out to try and touch the stars. haha. I laugh at myself.

Day 5 Ryan's Picture
what can I say. He is trying. Not sure what to think of this weed flower but i guess its a nice color. Maybe he was meaning to take a picture of the piece of string under it.
Funny- they are the same color.

So far. Our pictures are kinda boring. Ill try to kick it up a notch. I keep seeing things picture worthy but by the time I fumble through my saddle bag of a purse, find either my phone or camera, the picture worthy thing is gone or over. sigh.

*BTW- I have only seen like 2 of you show me your pictures. WTFudge*


Emma said...

I think the story that goes with the pic is what makes the pic, and I loved your Day 5 one! I can just picture you laying on the road, singing away, it would be a sight for the neighbors! :-)
Hopefully you got my first couple of pics, the others are on my day I will have to get better at downloading from my camera, I am terrible!! Mine aren't very artistic either, especially on a phone, but they are what makes me smile that moment!
Take care, have fun with the pics, hugs, Em

Alerie said...

I love that you do things like lay in the street and look at the stars and sing to her. You are an amazing mommy!! Makenzie I am sure loves it too. I know I haven't sent you any pics yet and I said I would, but since I have to email them to you, I thought I would email a couple at a time. I will try and do the ones I have taken so far today. Always thinking of you and praying for you!! Much love!!

Alana said...

You will appreciate my latest picture.

Jackie Koll said...

Ok - I started this today so feel free to check it out :-)

Olga said...

I'm posting my pics on facebook, check them out!

Candace said...

I have been doing the picture taking thing and LOVE it... if you don't remember my blog is I thought I sent you an invite if I didn't let me know!!

Cox Family said...

I am so glad I decided to play this picture game. It is amazing how much more you notice when looking for cool things to take pictures of. It has been a lot of fun! Thanks for the idea!

brigette said...

love, love, love the story!!! Such fun meaning behind the pictures!! I have mine on my blog feel free to check it out!! I hope your following them.... this has been fun so far!!

Jeska said...

I've been doing the 31 in 31! Your welcome to visit my blog. It has been fun!

Jackie Koll said...

I just posted day 2 picture - make sure and check it out

This idea is so awesome :-) I'm having fun with it already!


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