Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Because my phone fell in the pooper all my good pictures of our costumes and Tracker in his Utah gear  are gone. I was able to salvage a few that Ryan and my sister took on their phones. 
Tracker was suppose to be a cow but when Ryan and I got all ready in our cowboy gear I couldn't help but try Tracks little hat on him and couldn't take it off. So we put him in his cowboy gear and were ready to go. You think we bought any of his outfit for Halloween? No.... See what I mean about Ryan turning him into a mini cowboy? Wrangler jeans, camo cowboy boots, bow-lo tie, hat and lumberjack shirt. I don't fit into this family clothing wise.

We went to a fun Halloween party at our friend Nicks house. He was hosting it for our Primerica team. 
His wife decorated their house amazing. I couldn't believe it. We couldn't stay as long as we wanted since my Moms Halloween party was pretty much at the same time.

My mom has her annual party which we all love. 
She does the same games and activities and the kids always think its the best. 

We couldn't stay too long there either since we were running late to the Utah game.
I got these tickets for Ryan a while ago and when I bought them the website I got them from said the game was at 1:00 pm. I thought that was perfect since we were taking Tracker. Well a couple days before the game we realized it wasn't until 7:45pm. 
We drove up there and had to park hours away it seemed. We were kind of running so we wouldn't miss to much of the game and I couldn't wait any longer- I had to go potty. They line this one street with porta potties because that's where all the tailgaters are. I ran into one and ran out just as fast. What I didn't realize is that my phone was in my back pocket and it fell into the pot. I didn't realize until we got to our seats. Teach me to put my phone in my back pocket and teach me to ever use a porta potty. blah.
I was so nervous to take Tracker and have it be too cold. but thanks to advice from Allie who is a Utah game veteran, He hung out in the Bjorn the entire time with blankets surrounding him. He never woke up and the noise didn't even make him flinch. I was sweating up a storm so I know he was toasty warm. Utah won which was awesome. It was the blackout game so I tried my best to put him in as much black as possible but seriously he had to wear his jersey. It was the cutest thing ever!

It was such a crazy busy night but we had so much fun.

Weekly Roundup: week 7

- I lost my phone due to a porta potty incident on Saturday so this weeks pictures are thanks to instagram. Its a good thing I am always posting there (you can follow me at _kdw_). 
I lost a ton of pictures. and there was some of the cutest ones to. I am still so sad. I also lost my notes for little things Tracker does during the week so I know I have forgotten a lot. I have learned I rely to much on my damn phone. I need to start carrying around a notebook again. -

October 21
42 days old
.Drove home from Pocatello
.Snuggled this little boy for hours and hours

October 22
43 days old
.A somewhat lazy day
.Tracker has learned he likes his bouncer as long as you are bouncing him vigorously
.Tracker was really upset most of the day
.Went to his cousin Ellies bday party that evening
.Met some of Mums friends

October 23
44 days old
.First snow fall
.Watched it at 2am from the window
.Lots of bouncer time so Mum could work
.I keep one foot on the bouncer that's at my feet while I do just about everything
.Losing more and more of his hair

October 24
45 days old
.Ran errands
.Went to pumpkin patch #4 of the year
.Wore the appropriate attire for the pumpkin patch
.Met the Rushworths
.Got excited about his new friend who is due next year
.Went out to dinner with our friends

October 25
46 days old
.Didn't sleep that night
.Slept great that morning snuggling mum
.He sleeps best if he is touching me
.Wearing size 1/2 diapers from costco
.Last day he wore anything NB
.I still cant pack the clothes away- its too sad- He is getting so big
.Had several outfit changes due to the best pooper in the world

October 26
47 days old
.Rough day
.This little man was not having it most of the day
.Went to lunch with Grandma Diane
.Came home and had a rough night
.Put the snow cover in his car seat

October 27
48 days old
.Early morning snuggles
.Waited for Dad to get home from shooting so he could play
.Visited Makenzie and brought her Halloween stuff and showed her our costumes
.Went to Halloween party #2 at Nicks house
.Went to Halloween party #3 at Grandma Dianes house
.Dressed as a cowboy
.Went to his first UTAH game

.Realized how important it is for me to remember everything about this little boys life. I don't want to forget anything. and I have the worst memory. I am going out to get a notebook today.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Maybe its just me... I like facebook enough. Its enjoyable to see what others are up to and see pictures of their families. but I am so sick and tired of the dumb posts some people put.
Everything around this election is driving me nuts. I am all about you believing for what you believe in and for voting. AWESOME. I understand you wont agree with what some other people believe but is it necessary to drag people through the mud? Do you think you are a better person because you believe a certain thing? Horrible. You are not. We are all entitled to our opinions and lucky for us we are in a country that we have the right to vote for our leaders. but I am embarrassed for those of you who feel its your right to spit on everyone else who thinks different than you.
What has been making me so upset the last few days with good ol facebook...
One person after another is complaining about the most trivial thing, then the next person is calling someone an idiot because they are voting for a certain person.
Seriously people stop.
Do you think you are making the world better by doing this?
Is this whats really important in life?
Then there is people like this sweet sweet family in Utah. Who is living every parents nightmare. for the second time. Their little girl is losing her battle with SMA. Every post they make completely breaks my heart more and more. I just go back to those last days with Makenzie. Where my world was falling apart. My life seemed to stop. but no one else did.
Now I didn't expect the world to stop because of what I was going through but I wished I could just shake every single person who was too busy putting someone else down or complaining about spilled milk or something and tell them to just look at what is going right in their life.
You cant look 2 seconds in front of you and not see someone else going through so much worse. Probably something you cant even imagine.
Over the last couple days as I have seen this mothers posts about her little girl who is slipping away, I am completely heartbroken for her. and her posts are mixed among all of these other silly posts. It really puts the important things in perspective.
I keep praying this sweet family has comfort.
I then remind myself how lucky I am and I thank God for all the good in my world. I thank him for helping me survive the hardest of hard days. For getting me through that moment when Kenzie went back to heaven. and every moment after. I thank him for giving me joy. I am so thankful for my husband. For my son. For the life he has given me.
Please keep this sweet family who is going through the unthinkable in your prayers.
Please pray little Tabitha is able to have comfort and return home in peace.
and please be nice to each other. Stop putting others down. and just focus on whats important in life.
Realize you are here, you are well, you have your family and that is whats important.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Family trip to Pocatello.
We love going there.
Its a close little getaway.
+ we get to see some of our favorite peeps.

If I liked driving we would definitely be doing more road trips because this baby is a dream in the car.
but I hate driving so we don't ever go far. I am so antsy and just want to get there already.
I'm not one to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the scenery.
We headed out after work on Friday.
I love that those babes don't forget us and my Riley is always happy to see me.
I could seriously eat her up. Ryan is kind of obsessed with her cuteness as well.
Keelie was the best babysitter and was always watching out for Tracker. She was so good at holding and loving on him. and that Ryland could not stop making me laugh. He is hilarious.

Saturday we played at home in the morning. Went to a pumpkin patch. Where someone (Misty) didn't bring a jacket and it was negative degrees outside so she found a blanket and wore it around like a cape. We got lost in a corn maze. Someone (Misty) decided to take a double wide stroller through that corn maze. No kid wanted to be in the thing so we took turns shoving it through the narrow paths. It was quite comical. I honestly think the corn maze would have been a bit lame if it wasn't for that stroller adventure. It was so long and had all these trivia games to make you get lost or to help you find the right way. Somehow we kept guessing wrong which then lead us down the wrong path which then made us try and reverse or back up that bus we had. It was ridiculous. Hilarious. almost made me pee my pants a few times. Hilarious. After the maze we rode the worlds ricketiest hay ride. I feared for our lives. Seriously. You could feel every screw, nut and bolt move. It didn't help I had a larger fellow literally sit on me as this cart was about the size of a child's waggon and there was no room but they shoved about 50 people on it. Tracker was snuggled in the bjorn protected from the cold but rather squashed in half as I was bracing myself on Ryan's leg, a sliver of the carts floor and 1 butt check on a hay bale.
On this hayride we came up with our new favorite thing to say--
Out of no where, without any other information when you are enjoying yourself you just yell out...
and that's it. 
We thank Ryland for teaching us this.
and Ryan and I have used it to death. Its kind of annoying how much we use it now but we end up laughing every time.
After the pumpkin patch-o-fun we headed back home.
The babies warmed up to Tracker for the most part. They were so gentle and loving with him.
That is until they thought Tracker was crossing the line and hogging to much of their Moms time or touching their things. I tried to put Tracker in Rylands crib for a minute and that little boy ran in the room and very sternly said.... "Baby- OUT, my bed" over and over until I got that dang kid out of his bed. He was not having any of it.
We had a yummy dinner and stayed up wayyy to late playing mario brothers on the wii.
--- I say too late only for this Mum who treasures any minute of sleep I get. We really didn't stay up that late for the average. 

*Ryan was our photographer for the day and got all creative on us by taking pics. through the corn.. fancy! *

*this one ripped out her bow.. can you say- something about mary- hair?*

The next morning we ate the most amazing breakfast burrito in the world.
and watched Mickey, kissed the baby and played with choo choo's.

*see what I mean about our dream babysitter. maybe when T is 15 and I finally leave his side, I will trust her with him*

We were talking when it suddenly got quiet.
Tooo quiet.
I guess I am just learning early to never let Tracker out of my sight.

FYI--- baby oil gets out permanent marker on your skin.
who knew!!

After lots of hugs and kisses we said our goodbyes and headed home.


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