Wednesday, September 30, 2009


just a preview -
we got family pictures done last night. i couldn't resist showing off how cute my baby looked.

family night

we had a blast for monday night family night.
duck park + burger bar + bag full of cereal and bread
i tell you- these ducks are crazy. they literally attack you the second you enter the park. its even a little creepy how many there are. ahh! it doesn't help me that i don't like birds- don't ask but those flying, pecking, squawking creatures make me want to kick them and run away.
(don't worry i contained myself and i didn't kick any bird.)

just the 4 of us

Our first family pic of all 4 of us!
Ryan was holding onto Harley with all his might- she was not enjoying this!

i was over the moon the other day when i realized Makenzie fits onto her bracelets- FINALLY!
i know im getting myself into trouble by glaming her up this early. ill soon have a 1 year old who has a better fashion sense than most.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

just rambling

life being a mother....
nothing like i thought it would be...
its been an amazing ride the last 10 weeks (WOW its only been 10 weeks) my love has changed so much i cant even being to describe.
i miss her when we go to bed (thank the Lord for video monitors)
i miss her when she is taking naps.
i miss her when someone else is holding her.
i look at her and im amazed how perfect she is, how much joy she has brought to me.
her crying can get loud and out of control but i love nothing more than knowing im the one who can calm her down and show her the love she needs.
i have to admit its not all glamor and rainbows- hahaha.... FAR from it at times.
why is it that being a mother also makes you have this crazy mind where you say and do things that are just ridiculous? why do i forget just about everything- including my daughter once or twice (really it was when i was coming in the house after grocery shopping and i remembered before i even got the gate and i ran back to the car in horror realizing i remembered my latest people magazine, dr pepper and diapers yet forgot the baby!)
why do i write crazy random posts like this- why have i still not learned my lesson and makenzie still poops and pees all over my couch and floor when i change her?

(LOL- as i wrote this- we had a major blow out in the webster house. its going to take some time to line the troops and get this mess under control- please hold while we are under construction)
its kinda crazy how just 2 months ago my life revolved around new clothes and TRYING to look good to now, im still in my pj's- hair is in disarray, breath is smelly yet makenzie is on her second amazing outfit of the day. i now only make sure makenzie makes the fashion statement because lets face it- im still mr dough boy and no one really cares what im wearing compared to what my lil fashionista is wearing. She is limited with her NB attire but once she enters into the grown world of 0-3 months she has a whole closet awaiting her :)
i have watch makenzie and wondered what she is going to be like when she gets older-
will she be like ryan (heaven help us all)
will she be like me (heaven help us all x 10)
or will she be her own little perfect muffin that changes the world?
i just hope if she decided to put holes in every inch of her body and runs away determined to be in an all girl heavy metal band or something she will always love me and know i adore everything about her.
in less than 2 weeks i am going back to work.. aghhh...
not that i dont love my job and im not over the moon to see the amazing people i work with- but it means not being with my princess 24/7 and that puts me into panic/anxiety mode!
i have had numerous nightmares of what might go wrong and it keeps me up at night and keeps me in tears during the day.
i know the amazing heather (my angel who will be watching kenz) will do an amazing job and give my little miss some amazing opportunities during the day - but i also know one day my baby will want ms. heather more than me (as well as she will want anyone else in the world over me within the next 13 years or so) why is it that it scares me so much? thats part of life right- i could be home with her all day and she could want someone else more than me. i guess i need to realize im a mom and being a mom doesnt = cool. she will not always want me and want to be around me. i am the one who punishes her, tells her no and wont give her everything she wants at the candy store. she just better know one day that i am the one who pushed that melon out of a pin hole and i am the one who gave her once 20 yr old body up for 'child bearing hips' and ugly stretch marks and im the one who left lost her brain when she came home from the hospital!
the nice thing about life right now- she loves me the most. she knows my smell, voice, touch and presence and she wants me. i wont think about that other stuff until it happens- sigh-
* yes this post is rambling and may not make sense but deal. im a mom.

Monday, September 28, 2009


we had a great time taking Makenzie up millcreek canyon for the first time. she loved being with mom, dad, auntie allie, uncle derek, bff emma and boyfriend brady!
she stayed awake most of the time staring at the fire.
its like a mini vaca going up here.
only a short drive and your out of the city with great friends eating mallows around the fire. really- there is nothing that can beat that!

heads up

This girl loves to be up and aware of whats going on in HER world.
She is holding her head up sooo good!

I love those big blue eyes.
They pretty much melt my heart every time I look at them.
She has also discovered how fun her tongue is-
that thing is in and out of her mouth consistently.

look what i can do now!

Makenzie is so alert and and aware now. She is usually awake the majority of the day taking a few short naps here and there and sleeping through the night.
I got out some of her toys to start stimulating her and entertaining her with something other than my ugly mug.
This little ring thing was a huge hit. I know she didn't have a clue what it was but I placed it in her little hand and she grabbed on right away. She just held it for a while. I wen to take it away and she screamed. I gave it back and she calmed right down. I'm not sure if it was just luck but she seemed to know she wanted whatever that thing was she was holding. After a few minutes I turned to see her fast asleep with it still in her hand :)

In her crib I have an aquarium thing in there. It has fish and monkeys that move, lights and water simulation and it plays music- I turned it on the other day and she couldn't take her eyes off it. I would call her name and she would turn and look at me then turn back to the aquarium and smile.
Its so fun to see her growing and learning!

** for those of you who are not parents I know you think I'm crazy!
Yes I wrote a post just to tell you my baby held onto something and looked at something. Its weird how excited I get about the smallest things but it really is amazing to see this tiny little thing start growing and transforming into a real person- not just a bump that makes noise :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i know... i know...


growing girl

She is growing!
My little Makenzie went to the doctor on Tuesday for her 2 month apt. That meant- SHOTS!
I was super worried about my baby getting her shots and me punching the nurse in the face when she makes my baby cry so I made Ryan go to hold me back if needed.
We found out she is now
22 inches tall = 30%
weighs 9.5 lbs = 12%
Although she is still a little peanut she is growing.
When she got her shots she did better than I thought but still gave me the saddest face I have ever seen. She gave me this look when they shoved those needles in her legs like why? why did you do this? It broke my heart! She screamed for a few moments but when I scooped her up and held her she was fine.
She is brave.

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 Months!!!!

I have been on the verge of tears all day today. Miss Makenzie is 2 months old today!
I'm at a loss for words- I cant begin to describe how amazing the past 2 months have been. I am so lucky to be blessed with this incredible daughter. My heart breaks all the time seeing how fast she is growing. I have never said I cant wait until she does this or that. Although I'm so excited for everything to come - I CAN wait. I am just soaking in every moment and every day I get with her. I am fine if tomorrow never comes because I know in this moment today life is perfect.

At 2 Months Makenzie
* Holds her head up really well most of the time.
* Smiles uncontrollably
* Coos
* Looks at objects and just stares
* Loves the outside and looking at buildings and trees
* Loves water- swimming and bath time
* Loves her baby Bjorn... She will only sit looking out though- She wants to see the world
* Sleeps 7 - 9 hrs at night
* Doesn't take good naps. She likes to be awake most of the day
* Loves to be held by her Mom
* Gets a HUGE smile on her face almost every time she sees her Daddy for the first time after he gets home from work
* Loves her Binkie
* Doesn't like her car seat
* Doesn't like when her Mom puts her down for to long
* Doesn't like when her meals are a minute late - She is very on time for feedings

We have just adored every minute we spend with you baby girl. You are the best thing to ever happen to us. We are so incredibly blessed to be your parents.
We LOVE you muffin.
PS. I will post pics of their 2 month parta later :)

Brady + Makenzie

BBQ Dinner
Old memories
= an awesome night.

The young love birds~~

Is Brady not the most adorable little man alive?!
Makenzie and I both agree...

Girls + Leggins

I am still having so much fun making Makenzie my girlie girl. Ryan says I am now doomed that she will soon be a tomboy and wont let me do any of this to her so I'm taking full advantage now.
I love her girlie clothes, big bows and painted toes.
Way back when I was pregnant I made Makenzie some leggings. I have been so excited that she can now fit into them! They are perfect because they stay on her legs and keep her warm. Since she is so skinny I have had problems finding pants to really fit her well. These are awesome!
I made tons for her - these are just a couple. I highly recommend them- esp. for babies in the winter. I have even put them under pants for extra warmth.
(Thank You Gretchen)


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