Monday, August 31, 2009


We had a fun day with Olivia. She didn't have preschool so she came over for the day. She came over early so she got to help me dress Makenzie.
*Yes she picked out her outfit.
(a mustard yellow deer shirt, purple flower pants, I (heart) NY pink socks, black head band and sparkly red flower.)

We went on a walk- me with my baby and Olivia with her baby (Angel clap)

We played at the park where Olivia was eager to have her picture taken in all different poses. She was an absolute doll. We had such a fun day! I just love her.

thumb sucker

makenzie loves her binkie but when that falls out she tries so hard to suck on anything available. she usually gets her whole fist in her mouth but every so often she will find her thumb. i think its so cute when she does.


my dear friend kely finally met makenzie. we went to breakfast last week. kely has been my bf since jr. high! she has been such an amazing person in my life and helped me through so much. kely and i lived together for a short while after graduation. although it wasn't long it was so much fun. i miss coffee runs at 2 am, i miss cooking dinner, i miss our turquoise stove, i miss crazy roomies, i miss kely throwing books, i miss broken windows,
i miss sharing a room and borrowing clothes.
kely has been an incredible example to me. she is a huge reason i went back to school to get my degree. she has made me want to be a better person. she is about to graduate the U and im so very proud of her, she works so hard in everything she does- i love you kely.
kenzie cant wait to see you again.

kendra turns 22!

happy birthday to me! 22 years young :)
never imagined my life where it is now.
an amazing husband whom i adore, a beautiful baby that has completely taken over my life for the good, wonderful friends and incredible family.
im so lucky to have so much happiness and be blessed with so much so young in life.

thanks to everyone for all your love and support in my life. you all make everyday a dream come true. thanks ry for the fun party, your the best husband!

smile baby

oh my smiley girl. she has the most adorable smile i have ever seen. its not gas! she really smiles at me. i will laugh and sneeze and do all those dumb things you do to make your kids laugh or smile at you. she is so sweet. i have yet to get a good picture of makenzie smiling. they are blurry or she stops smiling the moment she sees that big black camera.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kenzie loves her Grandpa

Makenzie is so lucky to have such an amazing Grandpa. I never knew any of my Grandpa's because they passed away before I was born so i cant say enough how happy I am to have Kenz have her Grandpa here. She is going to be his mini hunter one day (if her Dad has anything to do with it)

You can tell she just adores him. He is so loving with his grand kids- It melts my heart every time I see them together.

This is one lucky girl!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

uncle Ben and Makenzie

I have written about my brother Ben a few times on here. He is in the Army half way around the world. I am missing him so much lately as well as his wife and 4 beautiful girls. We have been able to talk on Skype which has been a life saver. Makenzie meet her Uncle Ben who lives in Korea before she meet most her family that lives in Utah! I'm so glad my brother is just a click away. He has always been my hero and someone I look up to. I go to him for advice when I need it. He always knows what to say!
Since he has 4 girls I'm definitely counting on him for some serious advice with my one girl. He has some angels. Ryan and I are amazed how smart and amazing his kids are.

Its amazing to see how much they are growing. My Mina is in JR high! I cant believe it.
We want to go back to Korea so bad but not sure if we will be able to with work schedules and $$ getting in the way- grr.
Mina and Yuna- I'm still working on it... I promise :)
Love you all and miss you terribly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 MonTH Makenzie Rye

Happy 1 month Birthday little Girl.
our baby girl turned 1 month yesterday. I cant believe how fast time if flying.
She put on her party dress and we had a great day.
*Visited Moms work to show everyone how beautiful she is
*Had a yummy lunch with her Grandma Becky and Auntie Brooke
*Bought a Baby Bjorn -which she LOVES!
*Bought a new squashy blanket. We need a second one while the other is in the wash
*Made cupcakes with Mom
*Played with her Daddy
*Had a great visit from Grandpa (She has missed him)

* OOP- cupcake toes!
* Okay all partied out and ready for bed! No more pics MOM.
This has been the best month of my life. Our Makenzie brings us more happiness and joy than we could have ever dreamed. We are just on cloud nine every minute of the day.
We love you so much muffin.

Summer Party

Grandma Diane and Jesse had their annual Summer party!
These kids are so cute. Now that they are getting older they are more and more entertaining. She had water balloons and squirt guns. Most the adults stayed away except for Grandma and Jesse of course. There was only one water balloon accident- Poor Kian got it in the eye!
The food was yummy and it was great to get together with everyone-
EVEN though Grandma made us stay outside even when it rained.

4 generations

4 generations!
Great Grandma Haacke
Grandma Diane
I (HearT) my family!

Dboy + MaMa Rye

Oh they love each other so much. Devlin kept giving her kisses and hugs-
He would tell me
"She is my second favorite baby- after Teagan"
He is such a sweetheart. He is definitly ready for her to play with him. I kept finding her with her soft plush toys laying on her face. He didnt want her to be bored.
We always call Devlin Dboy so Makenzie needed a fun cute nickname to. We came up with MaMa Rye. Its not Mama its May May-


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