Friday, August 20, 2010

13 months

Happy 13 month Birthday Makenzie!
Oh your getting so big. I can now say--- this time last year I had you.
Do you remember August 18th last year?  We had a 1 month party for you. You got some cool new things and experienced your first cooking adventure.  You looked fabulous all day and I seriously couldn't believe I had you for a month already.
Now its hard to believe its been 13 months since I first laid eyes on you.
I hope your having a good time today. I wonder what your doing. Are you growing or staying the same size? Are you learning or just enjoying life as an almost 5 month old?  Who is holding you? Do you smile everyday? Do you ever cry? Do you ever miss me, your dad or Harley?
Daddy and I sure miss you. Every night we talk about you. It seems to get harder. I'm not sure why. But please know we are trying, but through this trying- don't you ever think for a second that we are forgetting you. That will never happen. Its impossible. You are our first born. Our beautiful princess. The love of our lives. I am praying for you everyday. I hope your happy. Safe and doing good things in heaven. 
Come visit sometime. I could really use a good dream with you in it.  Even in the background!

This was our world last year.
Pure Bliss!


Alerie said...

HAPPY 13 MONTH BIRTHDAY MAKENZIE!! This is such a cute picture with her initials on cupcakes. Always thinking about you and praying for you!! Much love!!

Emma said...

Happy 13 Month Birthday Makenzie! Your Mommy and Daddy sure love you and continue to celebrate all the special days in your life...I know you are there with them, can you help them to feel you a little extra right now?! Thanks.

Kendra, so sweet. What a precious baby girl. I LOVE that pic, such a treasure. Hugs, Em

Candace said...

Oh she is so precious! I love that picture :)


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