Our Story

I am Kendra, He is Ryan. We have known each other for over 10 years. Started dating after high school. He popped the question, I said yes. We bought a house. Got a dog. Had a Baby. Our beautiful Makenzie Rye was born July 18 2009. What a life we had. She was the most beautiful most happy most healthy baby we had ever seen. She smiled from the beginning and brought the greatest amount of joy into our life.  We tried to show her as much of the world as we could right from the get go. We never imagined there was ever a problem. The day before her 4 month birthday she was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital where she was kept alive by machines, nurses and doctors. I never left her side. I stayed with her. Played with her. Smiled with her. Slept next to her. Held her. Until her last moments.
We lived an amazing life full of love for almost 5 months but on December 13 2009 we lost her. A rare disease called SMARD is what took her life. Our Makenzie passed away in our arms.

Ryan and I have been tested and are both carriers of the disease that killed our daughter.  We have a 1 in 4 chance that any other child we have will have SMARD.

We found out in May 2011 that we were pregnant.  We knew right away we needed to test the baby.  We needed to know what we were dealing with and how to prepare.  We found out this baby had SMARD as well.  We lost that baby in August.    We named her Gracie. We never met her but we love her. With an unbelievable love.  We pray for our girls everyday. That they are happy and free from any pain.  We pray they are waiting for us until we can be with them again.

We have done a lot of research and talked to a lot of people to figure out what is the best way to expand our family.  We looked into adoption and hope we can pursue that in the future but at this time we have decided what is right for our family at this moment is to use a sperm donor to help us get pregnant.  We implanted our first vial in September 2011. Second vial November 2011 and third vial on December 27, 2011.
We finally got that positive result January 8th. We are due September 20th and cant be more thrilled. 

This blog is my outlet. For the good and the bad. I am raw, I don't sugar coat anything and I am honest. I am writing my journey along this rocky road. Learning how to live this life.  We are not perfect.  We make mistakes. We overreact. But we are always growing.  We hope to become as strong and brave as our girls are.

More about Ryan:
Born and raised in Utah.  Has 1 sister. 2 amazing parents who are examples of forever love.  He loves anything and everything outdoors. He loves hunting and cant get enough of it.  His best friend is his Dad. They are exactly the same in every way.  If he could move away to the smallest town in the world and raise farm animals he would in a heart beat.  He loves working with his hands is definitely my handy man.  He can do ANYTHING. He has the most amazing heart.  He loves unconditionally.  He works hard everyday and only wants the best for his family.  He is an avid Utah Utes fan and loves watching sports of any kind.  If he could eat anything it would be Mexican food and beer.

What describes RKW:

More about Kendra:
Born and raised in Utah.  Has 6 sisters and 3 brothers.  My parents are divorced and I only have contact with my amazing Mom.  1 of my sisters died in 1997 in a car accident. I believe she is taking perfect care of our baby.  I love staying busy.  If I have a million things to do I am the happiest.  I hope we can one day buy land and have those farm animals like Ryan wants and lots of dogs like I want.  I love crafts and cooking new recipes. I wish to travel the world and love going new places.  If I could eat anything it would be a steak and a glass of milk.
What describes KDW:
.Dr. Pepper
.Family night
.MRW Dance Parties
i (heart) emails. livingformrw@hotmail.com

Between the 2 of us we are going on our 22nd niece and nephew.  We love each of them so much and enjoy being with them as much as possible.  We are close to both of our families and couldn't live without any of them.  We are Christians and live a spiritual life but are not affiliated with any 1 religion.  We are so thankful for our Heavenly Father and all that he has given us in our life.

and for your viewing pleasure... here is a million pictures... through the years...


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