Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 11

 November 18
70 days old
.Started reflux meds. last week but not seeming to help
.Acting like belly is unsettled more and more
.Happiest when we are holding him outward putting pressure on his belly
.No amount of gas drops or Colic calm is helping
.Visit Grandma and Papa
.Is perfecting the sticky-outie lip when he is sad
.Goes to bed in his crib amazing at night but will not nap in it during the day

November 19
71 days old
.Easton spent the day with us
.Had weird yucky dark poop
.Friends-Giving with the Andersons
.Lots of yummy food
.3 blow outs today

November 20
72 days old
.Snuggled Mum most of the day
.Took family pictures with Harley
.Was loved on by Aunt Alana and Aunt Jill
.Read lots of stories with Mum
.When Tracker is sleepy he rubs his face/nose into my neck back and forth really fast and snorts
.Is smiling just about anytime anyone talks to him
.Loves when we say Makenzie
.His finger nails grow at a rapid pace. I have to trim them every week. Sometimes more than once.
.I have yet to trim his toe nails, they just haven't really grown

November 21
73 days old
.Went to the gym with Mum and Aunt Jill
.Got kicked out of the gym
.Was left for the very first time with Aunt Alana while Mum went back to the gym
.Watched his cousins hula hoop and entertain him
.Mum was sent picture texts assuring Tracker "was having the time of his life"
.Only gone for a half hour
.Mum then didn't put the bebe down the rest of the day
.Tried to get some stuff ready for Thanksgiving with my spare hand
.Getting pretty good at doing just about anything around the house with 1 arm/hand

November 22
74 days old
.First Thanksgiving
.Loves to snuggle into his blankets and rub them in his face
.Visit Makenzie
.Breakfast at Grandma and Papa
.Visit Great Grandma Phillis
.Dinner with the Allens
.Played with the Keelie, Ryland and Rylee
.After bebe went to bed Mum went out shopping

November 23
75 days old
.Slept from 9:00 pm - 5:00 am for his Daddy
.Wasn't to happy all day, maybe mad Mum left him
.Tummy was bothering him so he was only happy being held with pressure on his belly
.Watched the kids play
.First movie in the theatre and this babe slept the entire time

November 24
76 days old
.Slept in the car seat most of the time we were out
.Snuggled in the stroller while we were downtown
.Loved the big Christmas tree
.Decided it was to cold for a horse ride and lights so we went home early
.Had an even harder day
.Been spitting up chunky milk
.Decided to cut out all dairy for Mum and switch formula to soy

So much to be Thankful for. Life is good.


Just wanted to remind all who still wanted to donate leggings to our leggings project that we need them now.  We are getting together to finish sewing and stuffing them on December 6th and they will then we packed and ready to take to the hospital on December 13th.  I haven't counted them since the last time so I am not sure exactly where we are at. I am so thankful for everyone who donated to this project and I know Primary Children's loves it. When Tracker and I were there for his tests a couple weeks ago everyone who we talked to knew about the leggings project and said they always get excited when they see those leggings on one of those kids.
If you have some you would like to donate please get them to me ASAP.
Email me at to get the address to send the leggings to.

Another way to help Primary Children's hospital is to go to the Festival of Trees this year. It runs today through the weekend. I will be going this week. If you don't know what the Festival of Trees is you have to learn about it. We were blessed to have an amazing group of girls decorate a tree in honor of Makenzie in 2010. The tree was incredible and we had some amazing angel buy and donate the tree back to us. Its my favorite. It makes our Christmas so much better. Its Makenzies tree and I cant get enough of it. It makes me so happy to know the money that angel spent on it went to the hospital and is helping families.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy 1st Thanksgiving to our little bug.
Started out the day having a wonderful breakfast with Ryan's family.
I made a baked french toast and it was heavenly.
-thank you pinterest-
We then headed to see our Makenzie and drop off some decor.

-of course the only picture we take there we all have our eyes closed. awesome-

We then headed to visit Ryans Grandma Phillis.
Oh how I love this women. She is the sweetest and the funniest.
I have been dieing to get a generations picture so I made all these boys who are not fond of pictures sit there and smile. Tracker seems to be taking after his Dad on the not liking picture thing.

We had to hurry home after Grandmas because our friends were on their way for our Thanksgiving weekend. I was both excited and a bit nervous to host Thanksgiving. I mean its a big deal right? The table, food, presentation all has to be perfect! Well thank God Mike and Misty could care less. because it was anything but martha stewart in our house. A small kitchen, 2 toddlers and a crying infant make for everything barley being made let alone looking presentable.
We managed to have an amazing smoked turkey, mashed potato's, gravy, rolls, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs and a horrible green bean casserole.
-of course there is a story. I have never had green bean casserole and was anxious to try it out. I bought everything for it except the crispy onions because I had some in the cuboard already. Misty made the dish and as we sat down to eat it she took the first bite, look at me with a grossed out look and said they didn't taste right.  I took a bite and almost puked. It was the worst thing I have ever tasted. It was like eating burnt plastic or something. Ryan tried it and gaged for days. Misty asked how old the onions were and that's when it hit me. I grabbed the can and saw the expiration date... So maybe I should have mentioned that when we got married for my shower I had a pantry party where everyone brought stuff to fill my pantry. and those onions came from that party. and yes we have now been married 6 years. They expired in 2009. blah! Kind of ruined the rest of the dinner because that taste didn't leave my mouth for the rest of the night.-

Ryan makes the most amazing smoked turkey. ahhh. I could eat it all the time. This was the biggest one he has ever made and I was excited to have leftovers!
First he let it sit in a brine for 24 hours
Then he smoked it for over 8 hours
Then he burned brown sugar and honey all over it.

The rest of the weekend we spent enjoying this family.
Misty and I went black friday shopping. I was extremely nervous to leave Tracker but was assured by Ryan he would be totally fine. and he was right. He slept from 9pm when I laid him down until 5am. The kid was amazing. We got home shortly after he woke and he was happy as can be.
The boys went shooting with some friends on Friday.
We all tried to take a nap during the day but that didn't really happen.
Saturday we went to show them the new sporting good store Scheels and walk around downtown and see the lights. My mind was a bit preoccupied the entire day after hearing some bad news in the morning. I felt so bad for kind of ruining the day but its a good thing they all understood.
None of us brought warm enough stuff for the kids to see the lights. I am not sure what we were thinking. but we ended up deciding to just head home after the twins kept saying... "Cold"
We spent the rest of their visit snuggling the kids, drawing, building bridges and just chatting away.

We had a weekend where we were constantly reminded just how much we have to be Thankful for.
Its not about the things we have, our job, money, if we got a flat tire or the green bean casserole almost poisoned us. Its about the ones we share our life with. The people who help us through the tough times and the people who stand by us through it all. We have so many people who make a difference in our life and we could not be more thankful. 


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