Thursday, September 30, 2010

hard night

feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. hurts to breathe. missing her like crazy tonight. cant get this out of my mind. missing every second with her. today i cant think of the good, the positive the life she is leading now. i am just missing this. this day. this sound. this smile. this cry. this touch. this girl.
what i wouldn't give to kiss her one more time. just once. the tears burn tonight. they wont stop. I'm praying. praying for her. praying to just be okay. knowing I'm waking up to another day without her. please kenzie, help. tonight is a moment i just don't know how i can do this. how i can survive another second without you in my arms. help me. i love you. forever.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weekday getaway

a short drive up the canyon

+ some good ol' home cookin

+ incredible views with color changing leaves

= just a fabulous much needed weeknight getaway!

when those bad days are just to much. i need to feel a bit closer to my kenzie. this was a much needed balloon day. got her some cute tinker ones and couldn't think of a better place to send them
 than in the mountains.

lovin me some fall. lovin me some friends. lovin me some simple time.


i have been dieing to go up into these amazing utah mountains.
get dirty. get cold. get full off fatty foods. drink. ride. sit. hike. walk. pee in the bushes.
smell those smells. snack. not sleep. totally enjoy myself.
we brought the dogs and our friends.
we rode the 4wheeler. we definitely ate. we definitely drank. we made new cowboy friends. we laughed.
i was so sick. almost died. couldn't breathe. went to bed early.
but loved every minute.

*now watch these videos with a little humor. these boys were so funny together*

*D is the heart of our fun. he can make anyone smile*


fair fair utah state fair

oh the people.
oh the food.
oh the laughs.
the fun.
the animals.
good night.

*look at this chicken. OMG. what is it? i couldn't stop looking at it. i touched it to. it bit ryan*


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