Thursday, May 28, 2009

books books books = to prepare me for the babe

For the last 7ish months I have been striving to learn all I can on being a parent. What I should and shouldn't do. What I should know during pregnancy. What I need to know after the baby comes. etc. etc. etc.
I realized the other day- WOW... I think I should start my own baby book store!
(NOT all but most of my collection so far)

Books I loved:
* Highly recommend this book. Cant wait to put it to good use!
* The honest truth! Pregnancy is not SEXY so don't be surprised by all the changes.

Books that had good info:
Books that had good info but I really could have gone without reading them:

Book that helped the hubby (and me)

My pregnancy journal... Had some good info each week but really was a waste of my $$

My monthly magazines that I have subscribed to:

Our baby name book:

I am now to the point I am so overwhelmed with all different types of information that I don't think ill read anymore. I have certain things I want to make sure and incorporate into my baby's world and certain things I don't. I hope that "motherly instinct" really does kick in for me once baby GIRL comes and a lot of those things that are not written in books will run somewhat smooth. I am very lucky to have such awesome family and friends that have also been so willing to give me any advice I need and answer all my weird and sometimes embarrassing questions.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day (Late)!
Had a wonderful weekend in the mountains!
some of the highlights-
* Ryan spent most of his time on his 4wheeler and cutting down dead trees
* We learned our Harley has horrible allergy's and has been put on benadryl and almost daily baths. We also have cream to rub on her tummy.
(Did you know when dogs get allergy's it comes out on their skin- usually in the form of some rash. My vet just taught me so much!)
* Had some fun girl time moments with MIL, Brooke and Addi
* Caught a few rays of sun- So ready to get some kind of tan!
* Did more decorating on the baby's room. I am losing all patience and its not as fun anymore. I'm ready for it to be done :)
* Almost lost my eye- Beware of the dangers when cutting fake flowers. Sometimes things fly off and... BULLS EYE (Literally)
* Crossed a new milestone in the pregnant world- NO MORE SLEEP!
Thank you little GIRL but you have now made it officially impossible to get any sort of sleep.
Is this a sign of things to come??
My back and legs are now hurting extra bad.
I'm drinking water like crazy and getting up to walk around the building at work a few extra times everyday because I have heard this helps. My pool is open so once it gets above 80 degrees ill head over there to swim and hopefully get my body relaxed a bit.
Any suggestions out there?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

take me out to a ball game...

Thank You Derek and Allie for a wonderful night!

I have to say Emma was the best part!
We love hanging out with these guys.
Ryan and I always have a blast-
Allie is def. my coach through this pregnancy. I couldn't have made it over some of those tough roads without her guiding me :)

Baby Shower #2

Baby Shower #2 was given by awesome Brooke!
*** Many other awesome people (MIL, Carma, Kam, Sherry) helped***
Thank you Thank you Thank you EVERYONE.
It was such an amazing time-

Family and Friends...

I was lucky enough to get a load of amazing gifts for baby GIRL!
Some included....

Cousin Kam gave Baby GIRL the yummiest smelling baby perfume. Olivia went around to everyone so they could smell :)
She is seriously tooo dang cute.
Whats a baby shower without cute babies...
These are Baby GIRLS cousins. Little Kalea on the right will be the closest in age to her.
Wish I had more pictures of all the awesome people who attended- If you took any please send them my way! I am so blessed to know such incredible people and have such an incredible family. Thank you all for everything- I couldn't ask for more.
Only 64ish days until we all get to meet Baby GIRL.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

30 weeks + Anxiety

Your baby rivals a good-size cabbage in weight, tipping the scales this week at 3 pounds. (Length: about 15 3/4 inches, head to heel.)

Its all down hill from here. I am in my 30th week and getting bigger by the minute.
This little girl has been very active most days. Her favorite spot to be is in my ribs on the right side. Since the first time I felt her move she loves that spot for some reason.
My anxiety has really kicked into high gear lately. I have so many fears thinking about Baby GIRL being here. I never thought I would feel like this when I had my own baby. I thought this would be a walk in the park- I have helped take care of Devlin and Teagan but in reality its NOT the same and I'm very quickly realizing it. This little girls hopes, fears, dreams and life are all on Ryan and I. What she learns or doesn't learn is because of us. I keep having these horrible dreams that she wont eat or I simply forget to feed her. **What is that about?**
I have been reading pregnancy and child books like crazy - Learning all the different techniques to calm a crying baby, feed a screamer and make sure all harmful objects are always put away :)
I feel like these books make sense but what if I forget everything or what if my child is "one of those" and no matter what I do she wont listen to me and she ends up robbing the corner mart at the age of 5?
While I sit here and think of all ways to prevent killing my child (like making sure I don't forget to feed her)
I worry about my other half- My Ryan... I worry if I will be able to be a good wife to him after she is here. As of right now I am having more days than not where I'm so sleepy- or just lazy- and don't do the things I used to do for him. Of course he says he doesn't mind and helps me but I worry its really effecting him. I worry that ill be an even more crazy nut once there is a baby thrown into the mix. I worry I cant do it all and that ill fail.
Last night I got up (because I couldn't breath laying down) and sat in my kitchen for quite a while thinking about the next few weeks and that we only have 10 (ish) weeks until this amazing little girl will be in our home. As I have now fallen in love with this nut ball rolling around in my tummy- I'm scared to death to not be a good enough Mom for her and a good enough wife for my husband.
** I also think I should get off this Debbie downer thing and just think about the amazing little person that I'm sure wont be "that kid" and will bless our lives more than we could imagine.
Can anyone relate?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
It was a great day because...
* Ry came home!
* I got to talk to my lil bro Jonathan
* We had an amazing dinner with my husbands amazing family
* We had yummy homemade ice cream with my Momi
* I got my first "Happy Mothers Day" (Even though she is not "here" yet- She is still in here)
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Moms sure are the very best!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Save some $$

I was told by my awesome sista Brooke about this website that is being bought out by someone so everything is SUPER cheap! Like $1.00 cheap!
ELF = Eyes, Lips, Face
Its pretty much all make up so for those that spend major $ each month like me- you should check it out!
I got myself into a little trouble last night and ended up emptying half my shopping bag before I spend hundreds of $ on just Make up! Hope you find some good stuff and let me know when you do!

1 day - 1 night down!

That's my Ry feeding the goats in Tropic Utah-
One of his most favorite places to be.
That's where he is now :(
I'm only sad because I'm not there with him!
Its a guys little getaway and girls are NOT allowed!
For those out there that have a husband who hunts- you know- this is a year round sport.
There are no breaks because when one season ends another begins.
I didn't understand this until I was slapped in the face by hunting reality shortly after we were married. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have grown to understand my husbands love for it and that to him- its much more than just HUNTING. Its the freedom he feels and the peace he feels while out in the wild. He loves to be with his Dad-Brother-Friends... its a time he remembers his Grandpa the most.
I however have to say- I'm still a disaster anytime he leaves. I have always had HORRIBLE separation anxiety my whole life and it has only become worse since I have been married. I have a few panic attacks before the leaves then once he is gone- lets just say- its not pretty!
Ryan left yesterday. So far- I'm surprised with how good I'm doing. I told myself this time, I really need to find a way to deal with this esp now with a baby on the way. I cant pass on all my outrageous tendencies to her!
So day 1 and night 1 down!
Good thing Harley has been keeping me company!

Monday, May 4, 2009


We had Devlin for a few days and in the short amount of time there was nice weather we were teaching him how to play soccer.
*Drop Kicks *Head Balls *Kicking straight
We had so much fun with him but after about 45 min. He was done learning and just wanted to see how high Ryan could kick it.
Thanks Ryan- So glad we just bought that ball :)

Devlin is getting so big and has the best personality. He kept wanting Ryan and I go give him extra loves. I cant believe my little Dboy is almost 6!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Teagan!
You have been such an amazing little girl over this last year and we have had a blast every minute your around. We love you so much!

Baby Shower

Baby Shower!
My sisters and Mom threw me the best baby shower on Saturday.
It was great to have family and friends there.
We played one game- Everyone had to cut a piece of string for the size they think my tummy is. Who won?? Allie (who is due 3 weeks after me with her baby BOY) She measured herself and we are the same size! HeHeHe...
There was delicious food- and my favorite eclairs from CAROl'S bakery (YUM)
I opened the amazing gifts everyone gave me. I was overwhelmed at how generous everyone is. I cant wait till this little girl gets here so we can use all this stuff!
These are not the best pictures but here are a few for a quick preview!

I got this cute Harley Davidson dog that looks just like our Harley for the baby!

Yes- your seeing right- Allie and I decided it would be so cute to come dressed the same! haha.
This really was NOT planned.
Thank you so much Mom and Alana for all the amazing food and fun. I cant tell you how much this all meant to me and how grateful I am for each of you. I cant wait till this little girl comes and just so you know- ill probably be calling one of you at all hours of the day and night with questions!
Thanks everyone else for coming and all the amazing gifts.
Thank a million Lisa for coming all the way from Idaho! It wouldn't have been a party without you and Sarah.
I love you all!


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