Friday, August 27, 2010

31 in 31... day 21

Day 21 Kendras Picture
This group of adorable girls came to my house on day 21. They living nearby and were coming to drop off bags of leggings and blankets for my Leggings project.  I about died. I hugged them all (sorry if you thought I was weird) and thanked them for all their hard work.  I couldn't believe how amazing they were. I ripped open the bags and could get over how cute all theses leggings are. They had hello kitty ones, stripes, polka dots, solid colors and fun designs.
They are amazing. AND check out that ADORABLE cupcake blanket they made.
I am temped to keep it for myself...
DON'T WORRY. I wont. The sweet babies in the PICU need it more. I would never take from them!

Day 21 Ryans Picture
I cant believe I'm putting this up here. So not flattering. So goofy. and a bit embarrassing since I'm spooning my dog.  But here it is. I was so sleepy. So was Harley. So we cuddled. For a while.
Ryan thought it was funny.


Jackie Koll said...

I've really enjoyed your photos - it is interesting to see what we all find for a picture of the day. I've inspired a few friends to do this too :-) If you haven't checked mine out - check my blog
Thanks :-)

brigette said...

Both pictures are great! The dog needs some love to right. Thats so great what that group of girls did. Simply amazing

Alerie said...

That is awesome that those girls donated all of that stuff. How nice of them!! AND I love to cuddle up next to my dog and sleep. I think it is such a cute picture!!


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