Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kenzie Day 8

Kenzie Day 8 = Water Baseball
We had a blast. Seriously. One of the best Kenzie Days ever.
The bases are swimming pools and you have to slide into home on a slip n slide.
We missed some people who couldn't make it.
But we were not missing out on laughing, running and playing.
Had a BBQ and bring a dessert to share.
I made a yummy fruit pizza with blueberries in the shape of an M.

Kenzie got lots of balloons today,
and she took them fast.

.here is my sweet Lucy and Jill blowing Kenzie kisses.

.Loving you forever Makenzie Rye.


Emma said...

I love it! It looked like you had a blast and I can just imagine Kenzie laughing at you all while you were playing! Glad you had such fun and yummy treats too, Hugs, Em

Alerie said...

I have never heard of water baseball....looks like tons of fun!! What a great idea!! Your fruit pizza looks delicious!! I'm sure Makenzie enjoyed every minute of this.

starnes family said...

Never heard of this, either. What a wonderful day.

brigette said...

how fun!! I bet Kenzie just smiled and smiled as she watched you guys. Sending much love!!

Tara Bennett said...

Looks like a day Kenzie would have loved! Thinking of you. xo

Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun! I bet she loved watching you guys play and have a blast just for her. :) HUGS!


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