Wednesday, August 25, 2010

just a little information

1) Ryan and I have kept up to date with our 31 in 31 challenge... however... i haven't kept up on posting the pictures. ill update soon!

2) Ryan and I both start school Monday. I'm more nervous for Ryan. Ha. He is like a kid, I'm worried if he will make friends and if people will be nice.

3) I love to scrapbook. I miss it. But for 4 months while I was home with Kenzie. That's all we did everyday pretty much. And we did it together while we watched Disney movies. Our favorite was The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

4) I haven't scrapbooked since the weekend before Kenzie went into the hospital. The only things I have left to scrapbook are of her. But. I decided as part of this continuing with life. I went out and got a few new things and im planning a weekend of catching up.

5) One of my most favorite things is root beer cake.

6) A made me root beer cake. mmmm...

7) I have become addicted to watching movies in the past couple weeks. I think I have watched over 15 in the last month.  That's alot for me who would go a year without watching one.

8) I'm anxious for fall. I love this time of year.

9) I have been craving BBQ wings and ranch.

10) Ryan makes THE best ribs. Seriously. They are amazing. And he is making them for me tonight.

11) I really want to paint a room in my house. I hate painting but I want a change. I'm thinking a bathroom.

12) I LOVE the fact that my big bro lives in this country now- we text or talk everyday. Its been great!

12) I had a blast playing barbies last night with my nieces. Sometimes I wish I was 8 again.

13) I want to bake. But I don't bake a lot so I want to make sure when I finally do it- its for something special.  I'm weird. Maybe i need to bake, just to bake.

14) Milo is fat. I don't know when that happened. I picked him up yesterday and almost collapsed to the ground because he was so heavy.

15) I love pedicures.

16) I love getting a new magazine. Forget fancy gifts- give me a good gossip magazine and I'm on cloud nine.

17) I'm a bit obsessed with Secret Life of the American Teenager. I cant wait for Mondays.

18) I want to move, I'm dreaming of a new house. But I cant imagine moving to a place Kenzie has never been.

19) I was talking about halloween costumes with Ryan and he suggested for me to dress as a toothless hooker. WTH?

20) I'm obsessed with jeans. I wish I could spend all my money on a new pair everyday. I love them more than new socks.

This is random and long. But it was fun. You should try it.


Alana said...

I think you should start your baking by making a root bear float cake! For you, I will share the recipe! Have a happy day!
Love ya!

The Johnson Crew said...

I loved it! Thanks for making me smile.

Ali said...

That was fun! :) And I LOVE your new look! The flower background is gorgeous!

Andrea said...

i love jeans too. I've never been a shoe girl, but I can't resist jeans. I like the new background and the picture at that top, it looks cute.

Aubrey said...

what is a root beer float cake? that sounds super yummy and like something i might need to make.

Aubrey said...

ps. im still stealing the 31 photos idea so i need to see yours to get inspiration. lol. we aren't starting until 9/1 tho.

Kristen said...

I giggled when I read that Milo is fat and you don't know how that happened. At least it't not you! : )
Go ahead and bake for fun. Try something new and you might surprise yourself. I too love jeans and think about a new house but can't imagine living in a place that Georgia hasn't been.

Keep writing and we'll keep reading and doing our best to support you.

Andrea said...

This is awesome! I am going to have to do this. I think I will do it later today when I am more awake. Thanks for sharing such fun info. HUGS!!!

Alerie said...

Loved this!! What is root beer cake? I love root beer, so this sounds really interesting. Much love!!

Lindsey Davis said...

Can someone post a link to that root beer float cake??? very intrigued! :)

Pink said...

Ok the toothless hooker comment made me snort..too funny!


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