Thursday, August 5, 2010

31 in 31

Okay so I found this fun idea over HERE to take a picture everyday for 31 days and post it.  I feel like I have been really down the past few weeks so I thought this would be a fun idea to kick start more positive vibes in my world.  I love pictures. I have millions. I wish I was a good of photographer as my sister was. She could seriously see beauty in everything. Even garbage. Hmmm. I see dirty, smelly, crap.
Anyway. No I wont post pictures of garbage--
so here I go. Day 1.
so far. no picture. ill take one though. I just have to make sure its the right one.
so far.
i got up, got dressed, ate a fudgecycle on my way to work for breakfast, opened emails and now I'm taking a short break in the hall to announce my new adventure = everything so far is not picture worthy.
so ill find something today. something grand.
i deliberately didn't start this yesterday for the pure fact that my picture would have been the big fat F on my final. that consumed me all day. made me angry. then made me cry. then made me call my mom and husband for a little sympathy. then made me order my husband to take me to my favorite - yet expensive - restaurant to stuff my face in hopes i would cheer up a little.
today is a new day so i guess ill forget about the ugly F and go picture hunting.
i think you should all do this.
even if you don't have a blog. do it for yourself then put all the pictures in a cute little picture book. it will be very interesting to see what your book will look like after 31 days. I'm making Ryan do it. ill post his pictures to. they might be really weird or gross. or boring. I'm not sure. we will see.
if you are going to accept this 31 day challenge. leave me a note. i want to see yours. if you don't have a blog. email me your pictures.
ill be back soon.


Candace said...

I LOVE this idea and am so excited to see your pictures... I might try it but I stink at taking pictures so we will see haha

Chels said...


Thats a great idea, I too am not the photographer in the family but love the pictures my sister always takes. I will take your challenge and will start today as well. I don't have a public blog but I will email you my pics. As always I hope your doing better and continue to heal and find happiness again even if its in the little things that life brings.

Take Care, Chels

the h fam. said...

i'm in! the photo challenge is on!
i follow your blog and i think you're truly inspiring! i'm so glad to hear you're finding a way to be happy and to see the positive in life.

brigette said...

This sounds fun!! I am in! I will start today!

Emma said...

First, sorry about your final, I know you worked hard through so much other stuff going on and I am sorry it turned out like it has but SO glad you got a yummy deal and had this great idea to help make you feel better!!

I am in on your challenge, although, will probably not send you the pics daily as I am terrible for uploading pictures, but will send them when I can! I can't wait to see your pics. Hugs, Em

Jackie Koll said...

Great idea and a great challenge - I friend of mine, who is a photographer, challened everyone in December to take a picture a day for the year - that was overwhelming but I LOVE this idea! I think I will steal it - and I love the idea of putting the in a book !

Jeska said...

Hi Kendra, I've been following you for a couple weeks and finally wanted to say hello! No words can explain my grief for you and your family. I've prayed for you all many nights and cried out boxes of tissues reading your posts. Also, I love all the events you're doing for Makenzie and for the awareness for SMARD as well. You're a strong woman!

I'm new to blogging but I think I will try the 31 photos in 31 days! Thanks!

Alerie said...

This sounds fun and I love taking pictures although I am by no means a photographer at all. I don't have a blog, but I will try and email you my pictures.

Jeska said...

Just letting you know, I linked you in my blog.

Cox Family said...

Sounds like fun!! I have kinda been in a picture funk lately so I am sure this will help! Thanks for the idea Kendra!

Robin said...

WOOOHOO! I'm totally down! this could turn out to be really cool. So I am going to take the challange today too!

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

I think I'll have Emma do this challenge. :) Its more fun seeing the world through her eyes, rather than my boring ol' eyes. Great idea!

Melissa said...

I'm in as well...but my day one will be tomorrow.


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