Tuesday, August 17, 2010

31 in 31... day 12

Day 12 Kendras Picture
Step Up 3D (don't judge) with some new girlfriends.
loved our glasses
loved the dancing
loved our chick-fil-a in the theatre
loved our giant jar-o-m&m's

Day 12 Ryans Picture
Everyone, I want you to meet Ryans other wife.
She and I don't get along so great, esp this time of year. She likes to steal my husband for long periods of time and take him high into the mountains.  Whats really hard to take is even when he is home with me, his mind is still on her. Sometimes, he even gets her out to play with, right in front of me. I love my husband so I have to accept her. We are adjusting. I am learning the benefits to having another in his life.
SUCH as- when he really wants to go out with her, he will do nice things for me, like the dishes...
(even when they make him gag)


¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

oh my heavens! that is horrible! at least you ladies are rockin' the glasses w/o looking like a dork haha.
that was so much fun, thanks for the drink. i'm telling you fruit punch/sprite mix is the way to go! let ryan know i somehow ended up with his leftovers :)

Ali said...

We are awesome!

brigette said...

LOL looks like fun!

Robin said...

I went and saw that movie with Annie she was thrilled. :) Do you like scary movies? I need someone to go see the last excorcism with Annie doesnt want too


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