Monday, August 16, 2010

31 in 31... day 10

Day 10 Kendra's Picture
Ryan is not good with smells. When he was little and would have a stinky poo he would throw up. (TMI?)
Well this hasn't changed through life. Once we got Harley its been my job to clean up her messes because Ryan starts hacking and gaging like no body's business. Its ridiculous. Its not like a little *blah* Its dramatic and loud and he just about loses his stomach every time.  Once we had Makenzie, he was terrified to change her butt. being her mother and all. I really thought her poo smelled lovely and never really bothered me.
 BUT NOT Ryan. He never changed a poo butt for months.  Finally one day I was in the shower and the inevitable happened. She poo'd. I once told him that if I ever found out he left her in a poo diaper because he "didn't want to smell it" I would run him down with my peddle bike and scream horrible things at him.
So being scared and all- he changed her butt. I come down stairs to see what looks to me like a poo robbery in progress. This scary hairy man with a towel rapped around his face with only his eyes poking out.
After I realized it was my husband changing my baby butt, I laughed for hours.

All that came back to me when I walked into the kitchen to see that same poo robber trying to rob my dirty dishes!  I couldn't stop laughing.  I accidentally left a half empty bottle of slim fast in my car for a week. Since its made with milk and all you can imagine the smell. And since my husband was doing the dishes, you can imagine him with that smell.  We had WWIII with the dishes. I heard moaning, groaning, hacking, gaging, there was eyes watering and the "robber face rag".
He is so dramatic!

Day 10 Ryans Picture
Nothing else to say. Ryan deserved one of these after that horrible ordeal he had to experience.
(see above)


Tara Bennett said...

LOL. You guys crack me up!!!

Alerie said...

That story and picture of Ryan is hilarious!!

Emma said...

Again, laughing! I have a trick for Ryan, tell him the next time he has to clean somethign that stinks, to put a big layer of Vicks menthol rub (that you use on your chest for a cold) right under his nose before he does it. My bro was the same and he didn't change my nephew either but with this trick he could-I'm sure he was thanking me for telling him that one, at least his wife was! Now maybe he can scoop the poop once in a while too! Em

Tiff@ny said...

Your story about Ryan makes me laugh so hard!!! My husband is the exact same way and just as dramatic! Our poor little girl thinks some crazy is trying to changer her butt cause daddy has his head pulled inside his shirt and all you can see are his little eyeballs and all you can hear is him trying not to vomit on himself and her! Glad to know my husband isn't the only over dramatic man about smells. =)


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