Monday, January 14, 2013



My favorite color is grey.
I would decorate my entire house in grey.
I would only wear the color grey if I had that much grey in my closet.
So imagine my delight when my favorite little mans eyes have become the more beautiful shade of grey. Seriously they are heavenly. Its so hard to capture their color in pictures... At least I have a hard time capturing the color. Maybe a professional could do better.... anyway... I am completely infatuated with them. I hope they don't change and turn another color.

Don't they just make you melt?!
I am mush when this little boy even looks my way. I am pretty obsessed.


Auntie EM said...

He's adorable for sure. I am in my grey phase too. Grey everything for some reason with a splash of color here and there. My remodeled bathroom upstairs is in grey tones and I really love it. Grey goes so well with dark blue so I didn't have to buy all new towels. He has such a cute smile. I love the one that shows his dimple!! Little cutie!!

Ashley Quarles said...

Beautiful! My baby girl has the prettiest grey eyes too. Although she doesn't like it when I tell her they are grey.

Helen said...

He has the most beautiful smile! It makes me laugh when I see it. Thanks for sharing his lovely photos.

Kami Satterlee said...

I'm so sad he is sick. there is no worse feeling as a parent I hate it!

I can't get over him. Seriously, he is BEAUTIFUL. Like the perfect baby face, like the Justin Beiber of baby's, woe.


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