Friday, January 4, 2013

Makenzie's Christmas

It never gets easier when it comes to Makenzie not being here.
Christmas morning was especially hard this year just missing Makenzie.
We had a wonderful time with Tracker and he sure made a world of difference in regards to our attitude and joy throughout the day but no matter what we still ache for what we are missing.
We talked for weeks before Christmas that she would be 3 this year. Totally into the holiday.
We wondered what we would buy for her. What she would ask Santa for. If she would smile or scream when she sat on his lap. On Christmas morning we lit up watching Tracker. but talked about how much crazier things would be with Kenzie running around. 
We were on the go all day and just thought how there is no way we could get away with that if she was here. She would want to be home with her new toys rather than running from place to place.
There was quite a few tears shed.
A lot of prayers said.
We decorated a little and made sure she got her tree and gifts.
We never want her to feel left out or that we are not missing her like crazy.
Although I bet her Christmas was better than anything we could ever imagine. Knowing she is with Jesus on his birthday is such a wonderful feeling. I am thankful he has her.

As fun as all the excitement is with Santa, gifts, parties and all holiday related we never forget what this holiday is really about. Its very close to our hearts what a beautiful day it is. Because of Jesus Christ we will be with our sweet baby girl once again. What is the best thing I could ever imagine. Knowing what we had with her, that short life, is not the end. That we will get to share a beautiful life someday. I am so thankful for that knowledge. I am reminded once again that I need to do everything I can to be a better person. To live a life that God would be proud of. That I need to make sure I am making a difference in this world for the good. I need to be with her again.

Merry Christmas my sweet little girl. I pray you had a wonderful day.
Full of lights, music and the presence of Christ.
We thought about you in everything we did.
I love you.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.


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