Monday, January 7, 2013

Moose Hunt

- December 30 - 

We woke up Sunday to a beautiful day and nothing planned.
It was freezing but the sun was shinning so we decided to go on a Moose hunt.
I love moose and wanted to find one for Tracker.
We put on his coziest moose jammies and headed out.
We went everywhere.
but didn't see any moose.
We saw a lot of deer, cows, lamas and horses but no moose.
I love long drives with my little family.
Ryan and I talk about everything. We take our time and just enjoy being together.
Tracker slept the majority of our time but we did stop so he could eat and get up close to some horse.
He was amazed. He just stared at them.
Ryan is determined to make his little boy a mini cowboy.
I wouldn't be surprised if he buys him a horse for his 16th birthday instead of a car.

They were the friendliest horses and were so sweet. I wish we could have loaded them up and brought it home. I'm sure we could have found a place to put it in our little house.


Simply Shannon said...

Stunning, magnificient, awesome photos. Especially the clouds. This Mississippi Girl hardly ever sees snow.

Sheri Barker (aka Granny B) said...

I came across your blog & just read your story of your beautiful baby girl mackenzie. I'm so sorry for your loss. It brought back many memories. I lost my only grandson, Ollie, in March. He drowned in a washing machine. Death is so harsh sometimes. When we share each others grief, it makes it seem lighter. My daughters story is here:
I have just started a blog for the grandparents.
We are mourning the loss of our grandchild & trying to help our children get through each day.
sending love & hugs your way.


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