Monday, January 21, 2013

4 month favorites

Carters Who’s in the sea? Book:
Tracker got this adorable little book for Christmas and he LOVES it. I don’t know what it is but he will hold this thing all day long. He grabs the handle and swings the book all over. He can chew on the pages and the make crinkle noises. So cute.

Bright Stars Hop Along Play mat:
We have had this since Makenzie. She loved it and so does Tracker. I think any of these play mats are pure entertainment for kids so I’m not really biased to this one but I think any play mat is a must. Tracker is at the stage where is he using both his hands to grab toys. This is perfect for him now and gives him a pretty good range of motion. He will roll over from his back to his tummy while under this in order to grab a toy that he can’t reach.

Naked smoothies:
Completely obsessed with these. They are great when you have a baby that wont let you put him down so making a healthy meal isn’t really an option. I can grab one of these and they fill me up. I am not a huge fan of the veggie/fruit combination one but I pretty much love every other one they have. I don’t know what it is about the taste of a veggie on one taste bud and a fruit on the taste bud right next to it. It just didn’t sit well with me.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether:
We changed Sophie’s name to Ben. I guess every time I would give Tracker Sophie, Ryan thought it was not “manly” enough or something. Whatever. So we named him Ben. And Tracker LOVES Ben. These are pretty popular little things and I can see why. They are super soft, have a loud squeak and apparently taste like marshmallows. I haven’t personally tasted it but Tracker attacks this thing like I attack a bag of marshmallows.

Fascination station by Carter's:
This is another one of Trackers Christmas gifts. I had no idea the amount of fun this would provide not only for Tracker but or us as well. Tracker really likes to whack and spin this thing over and over. It has this suction on the bottom so it’s perfect to attach to his Bumbo tray.

Infantino Dancy Antsy Musical Pal:
Tracker really made out like a bandit on Christmas. This was another gift. It looked all cute and plays this little song but I didn’t think much of it until we got it home and Tracker stopped mid-scream when this thing went off. It’s like a baby whisperer. You play this sucker and it calms the storm. He loves it. He grabs its little arms and just stares into its eyes. It’s the funniest little thing.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about the Bumbo. We have had this one since Makenzie as well and they have come out with a new one that straps your kid in. I guess to many people put their kid in this and stuck them on the counter and walked away. Eek. Not a good idea. So we have a love/dislike with the Bumbo. Tracker loves it at times and loves to be able to sit up with the rest of us but after about 20 minutes (at the most) he is arching his back and wanting OUT. I have to say this is NOT an item you can leave your baby alone. I don’t think there are many. I’m a bit paranoid but this is definitely one they can easily twist their body and get out of so even if its on the floor- you don’t want you babe face planting it when they are doing some ninja back arch move.

Carter’s footie pajamas:
These have been our favorite this month as far as clothes. Its been bitter cold here in Utah and they keep Tracker toasty warm at night.

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Allison said...

totally agree about the playmat! and our bumbo didn't come with straps, but you can go to the bumbo website here: and request the straps for free, and then you can easily install them. we did that because my 4 month old would try to flip himself out of it! now i don't worry about leaving him in it as much.


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