Thursday, January 10, 2013

The best part of the day


Tracker LOVES the water.
Seriously I think he would stay in a nice warm tub all day if he could.
He has grown out of the little tub seat that we used when he was first born.
He sits on the edge of the tub watching the water fill up first and then he goes crazy kicking his legs and swinging his arms. He loves being able to stretch out. 
Sucking on the wash cloth is another favorite.
We always let him stay in the tub until the water gets to cool before we get him out.
Its the perfect ending to his day.

. harley likes to help as well .

1 comment :

Meagan said...

This is how i gave both of my daughters bathes. They HATED the ath seat, so I just layed them in a shallow pool of warm water. Best thing ever. Instant calm down time for all of us. Tracker is absolutely adorable, and looks so much like Makenzie!


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