Tuesday, January 8, 2013


- December 27, 2012 -

We had a fun day hanging out with these cute kids. Tracker loved just sitting there watching them run and play. Easton and Tracker are almost exactly 1 year apart so I can imagine what we all have in store for us in the future. They will definitely keep us on our toes.
Makenzie and Addison were 18 months apart. I bet those girls would have been so much fun together.
These are all the grand kids on Ryan's side.
Not near as many as compared to the 20 on my side but a great benefit about having a smaller bunch is they get to all be together so much more. Its so hard to get everyone in my family together because we all have such different schedules but its much easier to get Ryan and his sisters family together.

Addison - 4 years
Makenzie - 3 years
Easton - 1 year
Tracker - 3 months 

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