Saturday, January 12, 2013

4 Months

4 month Tracker:

Weight- 16.1 (75%)

Height- 26.1 (89%)

Clothes- We have put away all his 0-3 month clothes. This boy is just growing like crazy. He wears 3-6 month perfectly but I can tell he wont stay in them much longer. He worn a pair of 9 month jammies the other day. Seriously its ridiculous. He doesn't fit in his first pair of cowboy boots anymore... Sad day... He is now in size 1 shoe.

Diaper- I am trying to squeeze him into the rest of the ½ diapers we have left but they don’t really hold much of anything. He has to wear size 2 at night so he doesn’t wake up soaking wet. Our next pair of diapers we buy will be size 3.

Sleep- This sweet boy likes to remind me through the night just how much he loves me. That’s how I like to think of it at least. He has had a few nights where he has slept through the night which have been heavenly! As for most nights he will sometimes only wake up once and other times he is up every 2 hours. We are working on getting into a better routine during the day which I am hoping will then help him sleep a little more consistent at night. I try to get him to nap right around 9:00am. If I held him or put him in the swing he would sleep 2-3 hours but I am trying to get him to sleep in his crib so he is only napping 30-45 minutes before he is up. He then naps in the early afternoon (maybe around 1-2) for about an hour and then takes a late evening nap (around 6-7) for 30-45 minutes then he is in bed around 9:00pm. He goes down great. Even through the night he will go back to sleep after he eats with no problem.
His pediatrician said we should start having him learn to self sooth and let him cry it out. We will see when that happens. As of right now there is no way we can listen to him cry.

Eating- Chubby buddy is not missing any meals around here. and if I am just a little late in giving him his food he makes sure I know. He nurses every 3 hours during the day and nurses however many times he wakes up through the night. He hasn’t had as many bottles lately but will definitely take one if we give it to him. His pediatrician suggested we give him rice cereal to help with his reflux back mid-December. I didn’t give him any right away but in the last couple weeks we have slowly introduced it to him and he loves it. He doesn’t get it everyday so there really is no schedule with that.

Loves- Being held by his Mum, when anyone talks to him, kicking and splashing in the bath, standing, getting kisses, eating, playing with his favorite toys, going on drives, watching sports with his Dad, looking out the window.

Dislikes- When he is hungry, if he cant see his Mum, being passed around to much, loud noises, Harley barking, when he cant get his fingers in his mouth, when he is too tired, getting into the car seat, when his Mum is not holding him.


Tracker is starting to like story time more and more. I guess I'm forcing it upon him.
He will suck on his thumb, finger, 2 fingers, thumb and finger or whole fist. Whatever he is in the mood for.
He smiles every time Harley comes close, esp when Harley gives him a kiss.
He knows the second his Mum is not holding him. Even when he is faced out. He just knows and he freaks out more than not if I don't have him.
His right ear sticks out and we love it.
His angel kiss (or stork bite whatever you call it) is getting lighter and lighter.
He loves when we play videos of Makenzie that you can hear her voice. He will just stop and stare and smile. Its so adorable.
He nuzzles his head into my neck all the time.
When he is being shy he will hid his face in my chest.
When I am rocking him to sleep at night he makes this… hmmm hmmm… sound over and over.
Loves having his blanket up around his face just like Kenzie did.
Pulls his blanket over his face all the time.
Will pull his binky out and throw it across the room. Like seriously chuck it. He has a good arm.
The other night he was not so interested in going to bed and kept pulling out his binky and throwing it behind his crib. 3 times to be exact.
Loves Christmas music. Puts him to sleep.
Knows his name. He will turn his head if someone says it.
Wiggles around a lot when he sleeps.
When he is in a deep sleep he wont suck his binky any more.
Is preferring the boob over his bottle recently. Always settles when I feed him.
Loves his bed.
Everyday he is growing out of his colic more and more. Its heaven.
When I say “Tracker give Mum a kiss…” He will open his mouth and lean in. Its soooo stinking cute. I melt every time.
I have started carrying him on my hip which is so weird. I have never done that before with him or Makenzie. I know its nothing that special but I never realized how much easier it is to carry him that way.
Loves watching other kids play.
Has the best laugh.
Talks pretty much all day long. He has so much to say and talks even more when you talk back.
He moves all over the place when he is laying on the ground. I put him in one spot and he is half way across the room a few minutes later. He pushes himself and turns every direction.
Tummy time doesn't happen as long anymore since he automatically rolls onto his back the second he is on his tummy.
Loves to kick things. He likes when I lay him against the wall so he can kick the wall.
Has amazing ab muscles since his legs are never resting on the ground.
Is not a fan of the cold weather. He holds his breath when we are out in the cold so we are consistently running from one warm place to another. Even when we cover his car seat he still does it. I don't know what else to do.
Everything he can get his hands on he shoves in his mouth.
When I am holding him and doing chores he helps me by grabbing onto whatever I'm holding.
Still makes the best grunting noises when pooping. Its hilarious.
Is very squirmy. He doesn't hold still ever.

He is so much fun. He has the best personality. He has the most amazing light about him.
I am just constantly in awe of how incredibly smitten I am with him.
I am head over heels in love with him.
I thank God everyday for every second I have with him.
I am so happy we are celebrating 4 months with this little man.
This next month I know will be very emotional as we are drawing closer to the day Tracker will be older than Makenzie ever was with us. I never understood why that day is so hard for parents until its now creeping up on us. To know on that day we were saying goodbye to our princess. I just cant think about it. I am always comparing my babies and to not be able to compare age to age anymore breaks my heart. Thinking how little time we had with her. I just cant comprehend it. We are doing our best to soak up every day with Tracker. Giving him a million kisses. Telling him over and over just how much we love him. Feeling incredibly blessed to call him ours.

Happy 4 months my sweet little boy.


Jill said...

Just a thought on baby sleeping schedules, since Tracker sounds a lot like my first. He only took long naps when I was holding him and it was hard to get nights sorted out at first. I read the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and it helped a lot. So, based on that book, it sounds like Tracker is staying awake for too long between naps. Try putting him down after he has been awake for only two hours, even if he took a longer nap. It won't necessarily be the same time each day. Also, I think his bedtime is probably too late. Try not to keep him up any later than 8. My little boy would take short naps at 9ish, noonish, and 3 or 4, and sometimes he could barely make it to 6 pm for bedtime. Then he would sleep at least 12 hours at night, waking up once or twice to eat! He was so much happier when we didn't keep him up for very long, and by the time he was about 6 months, he would take at least one nap that was longer. Hope some of that helps. It is rough when you have a fussy sleeper!

Andrea said...

Stinkin' cute!! I love the pictures with Harley! I am also digging his hair :)
Time flies by, doesn't it??

Unknown said...

Oh my God, those pictures of Harley and Track. Melt my heart.

Auntie EM said...

Yes, he is a sweet little boy. He's growing fast!! Love his chubby legs and arms. It will be bitter sweet for you and Ryan when he turns 5 months old. His sister is watching over him and loves him so much. She wants him to have a long and happy life and she will patiently wait until you have all lived a long, happy life to see her again. I love you guys!! Happy New Year. I wish it would warm up!! :) Love Aunt Mary

Jillian said...

Oh my goodness, he makes me so baby hungry!! He is perfect! Thank you for sharing your blog, I love to read it!


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