Friday, January 18, 2013

Tracker and Harley

Meeting for the first time.

Fell in love.

Pretty protective over her baby. Always right there when he is crying.

They hang out side by side most of the day.

and snuggle occasionally when we let Harley get close enough.

They play dress up together.

of course there are always kisses given by both.

and an overload of posing for pictures several times a day.

Tracker is always grabbing and holding Harley.

They are never far apart. Even in the most private of times.

Tracker can be a bit rough but Harley just sits there and lets Tracker do whatever he wants.
I know we will have to make sure Tracker is being soft especially the older he gets.

Its only been a few months but Harley is completely obsessed.

Harley loved Makenzie to pieces and was just as gentle and loving to her. After she passed away Harley would lay by her bedroom door for hours... days really...
As time went on Harley would do the strangest things.
She somehow figured out how to get into Makenzies room. She would open the door dig through her things and bring certain stuffed animals, blankets or toys downstairs. She never chewed up anything but she would suck on everything until it was soaking wet. There was several occasions my heart would just stop as I would walk in the house and see that specific toy that fills my mind with so many memories laying in the middle of my kitchen. Harley would always get so sad when we would ask her where Makenzie was. and when we take her to the cemetery we never have had to tell her where to go. She runs right to her headstone every single time. There are several things she does that just reminds us that she lost her little baby as well and misses her like crazy. I was really worried how she would be with Tracker but from the minute we brought him home- she was in love. and she knew he was here to stay. She acted completely different to him than she does to any other kid that comes in our house. 
She is so loving and always so concerned.
If I leave the room Tracker is in Harley stays with him and the minute he starts crying, Harley runs to wherever I am and starts pacing and wagging her tail like crazy. Its honestly such a help when I am running downstairs to switch laundry and I cant hear Tracker. I just wait for Harley to come and know right away Tracker woke up and is crying.
I know Harley is our dog. but really she is more than just a pet. We are so attached to her. She is apart of our family and we love her to pieces. She is such a good dog. She was our first baby. She was the first thing we got after we bought our house 6 years ago. She has been with us through everything. She has been such a comfort on some of the hardest days. She is who would keep me company when I just couldn't get out of bed. She is who keeps my feet warm when Ryan is out of town. She is who was ready to attack a few drunk guys who wouldn't leave a few girls alone. She is the best.
Love this dog of ours.
I cant wait to see the trouble her and Tracker get into together. I have a feeling ill have some adventures to share. I could already write a book about the trouble she has caused.


Trinity said...

Animals are very intuitive (spelling). :) When I worked at the hospital companies would bring in animals to visit the sick and I have read some stories about companionship and animals knowing when their elderly owners are getting ready to pass on. I love all the pictures of Harley and your babies. They are so cute!

Ashley Quarles said...

She sounds like a really special pup. I love all the pics of her and Tracker together. I definitely believe dogs have that 6th sense about them.

endlessglowbyjessica said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! I love pics of dogs and babies and yours have been some of my favs!! So glad you shared this post!

Megan said...

These are adorable pictures! Harley seems like a wonderful dog. How did you get her to be so gentle and loving with Tracker (or was it just natural for her?)?

mrslill said...

So cute that she loves him so much!
What a great dog!!
She adorable!
Of course he is!
But those will be priceless pictures when he is older!!!


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